What Comes Next ... High School Violence?

Last week, my teenage son was attacked by another student in class. The teacher didn't know it was happening until another student yelled and threw the attacker off my son. Although my son did not do anything to protect himself other than to protect his head (as we taught him) the teacher made them BOTH sign a statement of fault. Nothing else was done and I didn't find out about it until evening ... after the school was closed.

I just got home from meeting with the Supervision office and their onsite police officer (yes, he's a real cop with our city). My son decided that he wanted the other boy arrested. So, the other boy will be arrested and will be suspended from school for 5 days.

While that's fine, we feel that the teacher should also be reprimanded, but we'll get to that later.

So, has anyone been through this that can give some idea of what to expect next or what I should do to further protect my son. We are already getting a restraining order.

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    Ask your son. All teens want a voice in situations. Sit down and talk to him and see what he thinks will help. He can have some great grown-up ideas.

    Dont forget, you are a tax payer and the schools (board, principal, teachers) work for you. Push and tell them what you expect. No school wants to get sued over something that happens on their campus. They are required by law to protect your minor while your teen is in their hands. Make sure they know that you know.

    Be careful, because since you went to arrest with this student if he comes back to school it can be harder on your son. Many want revenge. Ask the school if this student will be allowed back in. If he is expelled he wont be. Also be aware that many times these bullies run in packs. What I mean is that they have those teens who sit back while supporting the bully. If they see that the bully gets attention they can jump right in where the other kid backed off. So tell your son to watchout for his friends for for any student who he feels threatened by. It is best if your son always has someone with him, a buddy until this works out. Be careful of walking to school also.

    My son was well liked in school but had several incidents in High school football. He was attacked in the locker room by the football team bully and even his friends laughed at him and watched (many times this happens because they do not want the bully picking on them). The bully tore his underware off and put him down because my son was nicer, bigger, taller, and looked like a football player (the other kid was only tough talk).

    I had a meeting with the coaches and vice principal. They really got terrified when I said "sexual abuse". They paniced. This was the only way I could get their attention as they hedged every thing else I said and even told me my son liked it and was part of it (rubbish, he feared going back to school). I called it "sexual abuse" since they tore his shorts off and ridiculed him in a public way (bullies use this to make them victim less powerfull). They suspended him from school for 4 days, and put him on probation on the team and he could not play several games. I think this did no good. What finally worked was this boys older brother stood up for my son and the younger one backed off completely.

    You have to find what works. Things happen at school that parents would never dream of. I have seen it as a school volunteer. If all else fails ask your son, if he would allow you to talk to the teens parents. Sometimes parents can work it out easier than getting the law envolved.

    Good Luck

    Source(s): Former President of PTA (6 yrs), Former school Volunteer, Teen Mentor, two grown sons
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    Your son never should have signed a statement saying he was at fault. What do you mean the teacher "made" him sign ? What would happen if he didn't sign ? A person has the right to defend themselves from attacks. What state do you live in ? It sounds like you live in the state of "confusion"

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    Good. - There are the occasional fights, however no longer that typically and they are by no means quite critical. - No one has ever been stabbed. - People do not promote medicines that I understand of (they do smoke cigarettes at the back of the school rooms at lunch although.) - People do not get prime or under the influence of alcohol or some thing. - Only one pregnant youngster (she is sixteen, there have on the whole been extra however have had abortions). My tuition is a individual, Catholic tuition and it has a quite well repute.

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    I'm sorry that happened to your son. you'd think they'd be safe at school. im not a parent so I cant say ive experienced that, but the teacher definately handled the situation very poorly and should face some punishment.

    in england it's illegal to carry mace, but in that fantasic US of yours he can - just in case. Also do you have Rape Alarms there? or Personal Attack Alarms? you just pull the chord out of this little box on a keychain and it starts screaming like crazy - guranteed to get anyone off you. i suggest he puts on of those on his belt loops, so he can just yank the chord if it happen again (God forbid).

    good luck.

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    teachers are not going to protect your son, nor or the police. the job of the police is to make arrests after the damage is done. the best thing you can do for your son and any other children you have is to send them to a self defence training or something like karate. if you learn to defend yourself you can stop a lot of beatings in the future. also, you learn dicipline along with fighting skills. that too comes in handy with children.

  • i went to indianapolis public schools. and if this happens to you at one of the high schools, you basically have to fend for your self. if your caught you'll both be arrested, even if you don't hit back. i was arrested 30 times in my 2004 school year for being involved in a fight where i just tried to keep the bastard from kicking my head in.

    when you're locked up it counts as a school absence. you can be a victim and still be punished for just being in a fight. it became impossible for me to graduate the first day of my senior year, some little prick tried to recruit me in some gang. and i told him to go phuck himself, i got arrested in the first fifteen minutes of the school day.

    i don't imagine your school can too much worse than this.

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    Hard question. But one thing i can tell you is that YOU are making it WORST for your son. Children tend to pick on the WEAK.

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