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What is the difference between the following:-sadhu,rishi ,muni, sant,yogi, mahatma,sidhiyogi.?


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    no difference

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    normally not much of difference...all are away from materialism and are progressing on spirituality however little diff. can be

    Sadhu --- The who has renunciated the world and living alone

    Rishi - Sadhu who has progressed a lot...and stays in his Ashram while teaching others about God

    Muni - A Rsihi who lives alone..and normally does not impart knowedge..but busy in his own quest further

    Sant - One who knows the truth... he may be living with family but will be busy in propagating the truth

    Yogi - The one who does Yoga (Pranayama, Hathha yoga, kundalini yoga etc) and has got full control over his Prana

    Mahatama - is senior of Sant... he may be living among the massess with family..but has detached himself from wordly lusts

    Siddha yogi... a Yogi who has mastered some sort of Yoga and have got siddhis connected to that yoga

    VEDAS : The most ancient books about Truth...They start from as low as telling about a Yagya for rain... goes highest to attaining Moksha

    Upanishadas.: Later explanations about experienced by different rishis.

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    Sadhu - the one who is generous & honest in nature

    Rishi - the one who is Gyani, who meditates, does yagya, runs an Ashram & teaches his pupils

    Muni - one grade below Rishi & generally travels a lot.

    Sant - again who is harmless to any living thing on planet

    Yogi - the meditator & who practices yogic asans to atain higher level of spirituality

    Mahatma - Any soul who does great deal for the upliftment & well being of fellow humans

    Sidhiyogi - the yogi who has achieved some sidhis (powers) using meditation / prayers / hardships

    Vedas- -the base of hinduism( Rigved, Atharved, saamved, Yajurved)

    Upnishads - meaning of vedas simplified by learned yogis & rishis.

    i hope i answered them correctly as per my knowledge.

    Source(s): expirence & Hinduism
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    All are different names for ascetics in hinduism

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    No difference at all, these words belong to religious and god fearing men

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    No difference.

    They are all cheats.

    You are wasting your time.

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    i dont know

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