how to choose a laptop??

please tell how to understand the significance and meaning of the various laptop/computer components and configuration if you are a layman.

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    The hardware is pretty much the same as a desktop, just smaller versions of it.

    When buying a laptop (notebook) computer, you want to look for a few important details.

    * Warranty

    Laptop computers tend to contain be very proprietary hardware. Items such as the screen, keyboard, power supply, and video card tend not to be easily replaced if they fail. In addition, they are subject to more abuse than a desktop and at greater risk of component failure. Therefore, it's very important to get a long (3 year or longer) warranty with any new laptop purchase. If something should go wrong with the laptop during the warranty period, the manufacturer will most likely repair or replace it (unless damage is caused due to negligence).

    * Buy from Reputable Manufacturers

    A 3+ year warranty isn't going to do much good if the maker is out of business 6 months after you purchase the laptop. Thus, it's important to purchase a laptop from a known manufacturer who will be in business next year and the year after. Reasonably safe bets include buying from Dell, Gateway, Lenovo (IBM), Toshiba, HP/Compaq, Fujitsu, and Sony. That said, I personally avoid Sony and HP/Compaq. In my experience (granted, this is experience from around 2002-2003), Sony support is poor and can take several days, more likely weeks, to repair a system sent back to them. In addition, they have in the past limited their warranty to 90 days if you do not register the notebook with them. HP/Compaq (Compaq more specifically in my experience) has declined to support their products - even relatively new products. For example, if you want to upgrade the operating system of the laptop, they have, in the past, taken the attitude of "it didn't ship with it, we won't help you with it. Also, in the summer of 2006 when I last spoke to support from HP for their printers, I was very disappointed in the level of knowledge demonstrated.

    * RAM

    Today, RAM is crucial to system performance, but many computer makers will actually sell systems with what most technicians would consider too little RAM. For a balance of price and performance, any computer running Windows XP, not just a notebook, should have 512 MB RAM. More if you intend to do video editing, play high-end games, or run with many applications open. The upgrade from "base" memory is often a $50-$100 upgrade, but usually well worth it. Keep in mind, Windows Vista likely requires 1 GB of RAM (1024 MB) to run smoothly.

    And remember, even the worst rated products will work flawlessly for some people and the best rated products will fail on occasion. When buying you want to buy with the best odds of having a good experience.

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    Well for eg., I have a laptop and it's mainly for business use because it's very very fast, and has a display resolution that is best in the business. So it depends on what u need.

    If u just want to do word processing and internet get a cheapo. If u want to play games (CD ROM) u need a good graphics video chip (250 megabytes, that is fast PCI-Express) and lots of RAM (1 gb). The hard drive size for either need not be big.

    If you're going to store a lot of info you need a bigger hard drive.

    If you need to do graphics work, process photos etc, run and shrink spreedsheets than u should have a business laptop like mine. (It's for sale btw.) with a big screen. Many people prefer Apples for this, whether desktops or laptops. Mine is a Dell.

    Then there is battery life for all of the above, Newer laptops last longer, but it depends on how much time you will be away from plug ins etc. I also go where I can plug in as batteries are only good for 300 charges and cost a couple hundred to replace.

    Shop online if u want new at

    Hope this helps.

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    Ram-more is better!

    memory depends on how much you want to store

    processor- depends on if you do video editing, gaming, etc. higher is also better get at least 1.7 ghz and possibly dual-core

    screen is an easy choice

    do you want to burn dvd's then you need a dvd burner ..

    look at battery life expentency and hours of power..

    hope this helps!

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    I suggest one with the Apple's Bootcamp software so you can boot Windows. Don't get it if you can't get Bootcamp and use Windows because most software made today will only work on Windows based PC. Mac has fixed this by letting you install Windows Via Bootcamp.!

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    Take a branded piece abd choose a model depending on ur requirement and budget.


    Require for child for his school's computer assignment, budget, Rs, 35,000/


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    choose the latest windows like centrino duo and also a widescreen laptop. it may range from 40000 to 60000. take a dvd rom with it and also wireless internet connector.the compaq laptops are the best

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    Go to Fry's Electronics and ask a sales person.

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    go to a shop and pick up the best one for urself !

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