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what is shahid kapurs contact number?

shahid kapur is a hero in bollywood. he stays in lokhandwala.

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    can give you but

    u have to give me karina's number first...

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    we don't understand very own information of Shahid's so we cann't choose what's his motives to seems to closer to his Dad. besides, in case you word each super call son desires to communicate greater approximately his father particularly than mom because of the fact mom is sacred for each individual and no one choose to bare lots approximately her. for records, after divorce with Pankaj Kapoor, Neelima Aziz married two times, final marriage being finished on 2 years in the past.

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    I wish I knew...would tell him to leave Kareena and marry me right away! Unfortunately there'll be many girls having similar thoughts...I don't think he'd appreciate all his female fans bothering him on his cell.

    But hey, do you have his address perhaps?

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    get karrena kapoor's nos and u will get connected to shahid automatically.

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    I don't have shahid's number but i can give you mine.

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    hiya!seriouslly it is 9394857226-this is actually his secreatarys number and if u ask him in a friendly manner u can talk to him for a few minutes.

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    i know his no. earlier bt as soon he came to know that i know his no.

    he changed it...


    unlucky dis time...

    better luck next time.......

    bt i know some others

    bt the problem is that wen i will tell u their then again they will change...

    so, sorry.......

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