Where can I find a video converter that converts from avi to mov?

I need a media converter (software) that can convert various video formats into quicktime movie (mov) or mp4 files. I want software that is free to use and is not a trial product that doesn't do the job completely.

I am trying to do this because my mp3/video player (sansa e280) can play videos and movies but I have to use their media converter to turn the video sideways because of the small screen and because it changes any video format to mov. I was wondering if I change a movie file (avi) to mov or mp4 before I put it through the converter, it wouldn't have problems like the audio playing faster than the video.

I have had the audio play faster than the video when I converted an avi directly with their converter but I have not had problems when I converted an mp4.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    use quicktime pro..

    try to patch this software,

    download them from keygen.ms

    no virus, no spyware, i guarantee

  • 1 decade ago

    QuickTime Pro will do that. You can just do a google search to find a serial number to convert QuickTime to QT Pro...but you didn't hear that from me.

  • eccles
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    4 years ago

    Get any videos to play properly on AppleTV/iPod, you ought to convert the films to the right format, there is an basic way, you are able to attempt RZ Video Converter, the finest format for AppleTV/iPod is mp4(AVC/H.264 video encode, AAC audio encode) action picture, basic to pull your videos into RZ Video Converter as source, opt for a objective profile(AppleTV/iPod mp4(avc/aac) action picture), then click commence button, you'll get the sturdy AppleTV/iPod mp4(avc/aac) videos out of your videos. it would want to convert any videos to AppleTV or iPod mp4 videos, which include avi, mpeg, mov, etc. you are able to yahoo or google seek for and get carry of "RZ Video Converter", artwork properly, basic to apply, sturdy high quality, wish it would want to help you.

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