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Evolution and God are not mutually exclusive but Evolution and the Bible is...?

Yes, Christians as much as it pains you, humans and apes share a common ancestor...and before someone asks for the millionth time " If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?" please re-read my first sentence and figure it out.

Now, I think we can reconcile the idea that there might someone (or something) behind beings, humans and not, evolving and becoming what they are....but pretty much impossible to say that the Bible and Evolution can include the other...well by the simple fact that they completely contradict each other!

So, what's god without the Bible ( or any holy book)?

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    Understand the concept, "Who is God" and it would become simpler to understand God Almighty in its entirety.

    Who is God?

    God Almighty... a cluster of pure energy is but the sum total of all souls (atmans) in the cosmos at a given point of time. The essence of every soul (atman) being the same as God Almighty... every soul is but a minuscule God in its entity.

    The moment the big bang occurs... all souls (atmans) existing in the Cosmos spread all over the cosmos with unimaginable speeds. The magnitude and the scale of the big bang are beyond the comprehension of the human beings to visualize. Nothing that exists in the cosmos in energy form can be visualized by the help of the senses and the mind.

    This explosion of the big bang results in creation of a new cosmos... a new beginning! After billions of years when some planets become suitable for giving birth to life... the souls start manifesting body after another. And a planet like Mother Earth is born.

    Now... what is this big bang theory! The big bang occurs in what! As has been defined above... the definition of God is, "the sum total of all purified souls atmans in the cosmos at a given point of time is what we know as God Almighty".

    This cluster of pure energy we know as God accumulates in its absolute pure state only when the dissolution of the Cosmos occurs in its entirety. It is as if a huge cauldron of fire... a massive black hole has reduced the whole of the Cosmos to the size of half a thumb. It is this stage when every single soul atman in the Cosmos in whatever stage of life it may be liberates after gaining enlightenment and salvation. There is just no escape for the collapse of the whole of Cosmos has occurred.

    As has been expressed by Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism that souls atmans in whatever stage of life they may be... continue their journey into the next Cosmos exactly from the point where they stood in the earlier manifestation is totally wrong. This is where the teachings of Jainism are flawed.

    Bhagavad Gita... the sacred doctrine of Lord Krishna distinctly clarifies this point. And it is logical that when the collapse of the entire cosmos occurs... the question of souls remaining in their position as such and transitioning into the next Cosmos after the big bang occurs is but a flawed parable that defies all reasoning and logic.

    The point of difference where Mahavira went wrong in understanding the teachings of Bhagavad Gita! The reason why Jainism branched into a new thinking pattern as advocated and doctored by Bhagwan Mahavira (the 24th and last Tirthankara of Jainism) is evidenced here.

    This cluster of pure energy... the sum total of all purified atmans in the Cosmos equals half the size of a thumb as has been clearly spelt out in the Bhagavad Gita... the most sacred doctrine put forward by Lord Krishna in the battlefield of Mahabharata.

    Unable to contain itself for long... this enormous source of pure energy explodes with a big bang giving birth to a new cosmos... a new journey! God Almighty is the source and the cause of the big bang. This theory of creationism is unpalatable by Scientists all over the world. Why? Science demands proofs and in the kingdom of God... it is absolute faith (in the system of God) that rules. More on god here-

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    The problem between Evolution and God is in the Jewish/ Christian bible Idea that ADAM was the First created human. Which HE was not . He was the First of the race called Isrealites. As ADAM &EVE meet other tribes outside of the Garden when the were exiled for disobedience.but given clothing before finally leaving the Garden.

    If ADAM was the first human on Earth where did these other tribes come from,who created them and how long before ADAM were they around?

    Remember that something has to be created first before it can evolve to adjust to its liviving conditions.

    Also the bible and science says that there was more than one "world" flood. and each time the comandment was go forth and multiply and replenish the Earth afterward.

    These FACTS are convenintly left out of the first part of the BOOK of GENISIS or at least glossed over. and doesn't really start until the Creation of ADAM and EVE(the first of the race of Isrealites)and is mostly conserened with the descendants of them . Until the Birth of Jesus "the Christ".

    GOD is an over used misused Idea. when you acualy mean the CREATOR of ALL THINGS, the self made one, the Ancient of DAYS. That created its self(out of the chaos that was before it and gave it order) and the souls of all that was and will be from its own body before creating the physical universe and all that lives in it(including its self) . The souls(facets of the Creator) were allowed to enter into this physical universe and explore it . many entered into the bodies of the plants and animals that were there and became so engrosed in the sensations that they forgot that they could leave the body and also where they came from. ITS in the BIBLE folks. Read with and open mind .And not just one version.

    Source(s): Theology , differt traslations of the JEWISH/CHRISTIAN Bible.
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    You might be surprised to find there are plenty of Christians,and Jews as well, who affirm both evolution and the Bible. I don't read the Bible as a literal account of our origins or the origins of creation. The Bible isn't a science or history textbook, and I don't read it as such. The Bible contains very human stories and experiences and human ideas about God and their understanding of God and how to be God's people. God without the Bible is still God. Although it makes some people uncomfortable, we have to recognize that even the words "the Bible" mean different things to different faith communities. The Bible is a human construct, and there are many different "Bibles" out there. Samaritans, the Coptic Church, Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox all have different "Bibles." I take this to be a clear indicator that God is not defined or limited to the Bible.

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    We are in agreement that evolution and God are not mutually exclusive. I one time marveled looking at the skeletons of several prehistoric creatures in a museum and seeing just how similar we are to other mammals. And, for me, this solidified my belief that we did evolve, and that a higher power was at play with that evolution. It's amazing!

    As to your point about the Bible and evolution, we probably agree, although I would have a different approach than you. I don't read the Bible as a literal history of the world, but I do think that it contains important lessons as to how to live one's life, and I think there is much to be learned from reading the gospels. So I'm not going to ditch the Bible. Instead, I shake my head as those who insist on creationism war with scientists over where it all began.

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    I believe that the Bible is 100% true. I believe that evolution is an elegant theory. The two are not mutually exclusive. I strongly suspect that you have not read the Bible.

    Remember that Moses was writing the story of creation 3,500 years ago. The Bible deals with mankind's relationship to God. The point of the creation story is that God created everything. Many people in the Middle East at that time worshipped the sun or the moon or certain animals, etc. The point of the story was not to worship THOSE THINGS because a higher power created everything. If Moses had written that the universe was created 18 billion years ago in a Big Bang, the Israelites would have tied him up and thrown him in the Jordan River because they would not have understood the first thing that he was talking about. You have to remember that even simple-minded people need to understand the story of the Bible so you can't talk to them about nuclear forces and quantum mechanics and string theory.

    My Bible (with notes) is 1,874 pages long. For you to say that the Bible is invalid because of one chapter is ridiculous. The Bible deals with man's relationship with God and man's relationship with other men. It is not a science book and it doesn't claim to be.

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    It pains me not one bit to hear you voice an opinion, a belief on something more holy in its theory than my Bible.

    And no, the Bible and Evolution are not mutually exclusive. The funny thing is, where one can not prove the other, one does not negate the other.

    Learning more about the Bible, would go far in this particular debate. You are talking Creationists literal views, not the Bible.

    In other words, Creationism in its literal 7 day context and Evolution are mutually exclusive. THAT is an accurate statement.

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    How does the bible and evolution contradict each other?

    Is because that God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh

    In the bible, a day could be reffering to a thousand years, or a period in time.

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    Dear Dahlia,

    Problem arises when we identify "US" with material. Evolution did not change our identification with animal. We eat, mate, give birth etc. We're still animals, its the mind that makes us different from animal.

    I would say Bible is the best and someone else would say Kuran is the best and another would say Buddha's teachings are the best, 'thirukural' is the best and so on. But which one do I chose, does being born as christian make me to stick to the bible and not taking "good teachings" from other books? That alone tells "some mind" created all these and made people to stick to it because of some "fear".

    I would not analyse your question as a christian but a conscious human being.

    Source(s): Eckart Tolle's
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    I'm afraid I am going to have to disagree with you. I have no pains in admitting anything since I do not believe we have the ancestor as apes. I have gone a little into what I believe and do not believe about evolution. You can read it if you click on my picture and find out what questions I have asked. So my beliefs form the manner in which I look at any data. as the way an evolutionist's view affects the way he or she interprets data. I believe in genetic variation as strongly as I believe in gravity and yes..the Bible.

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    What's history without a history book? The Bible was inspired by God, but written by man. Nothing could be said about the worlds creation/evolution before man began to write it. The first few books of Genesis were probably written word of mouth.

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    God is real in the mental/spiritual world b/c god is like a thought or idea, as are all # s and words represnting thing not seen like air, gravity and happiness. If i asked you what they ment you could give me an answer and everyone would know what you mean, but if i asked you what a Zhaphaqulo (made up word) was then you couldn't give me an answer because it's not real.So God must exist in our minds and in concept b/c almost everyone know what god or gods are.

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