What should we do to free our planet from mosquito?

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    You shouldn't want to 'free' the earth of mosquitoes and it isn't possible. It is however, very important to control them. Never leave standing water in any of your yards. If you have a fountain make sure it is running and for bird baths I recommend mosquito donuts.Larvacides(kills larvae in water) that will ruin your garden ecosystem all have the active ingredients pyrethin and permethin. There is also a marvelous organic solution with these little bugs called copepods that will literally rip apart larvae without eating them after. These crustaceans are easy to breed and most likely will be sold at garden stores along with lady bugs and praying mantis eggs soon. If anyone tries to sell you anything with methoprene in it don't do it. I hope that gives you a few tips on the best ways to ensure a mosquito free yard.

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    This is a great question. Why? Because some of the ignorant answers indicate that people don't know the extent of the problem. Mosquito's cause MALARIA which accounts for more deaths in Africa than AIDS.

    The most effective remedy against Mosquito's is DDT. I'm not sure what it stands for, but it is a chemical that is sprayed in mosquito affected areas.

    This chemical was banned since the late seventies. Prior to its banning, mosquitos and hence malaria in Africa was under control and even eradicated in some parts. However, due to unsubstantiated (which was recently proved to be incorrect also) claims, the UN banned the use of DDT, and forced countries (by means of withholding UN/International Funding) to stop the use of DDT.

    DDT is now slowly (how many more children need to die before this process is speeded up) going through the processes of being unbanned, and will hopefully eradicate the mosquito and malaria problem.

    The question remains...was the banning of DDT an attempt at population control by sinister forces...or was this a very costly mistake by the UN...I guess we'll never know

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    Mosquito is being a problem in the world to remove it you have to neat the world it is immpossible but it is possible only when all the people of world are united and clean the world in malayalam there is a proverb if everybody is there we can carry a hill toooo

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    Work on increasing the health of the surrounding environment. Large amounts of mosquitoes are a sign that their controlling forces (i.e. bats, birds, etc.) are dwindling. Keep standing water to a minimum, and making sure there are plenty of native plants- which provide habitat for mosquito predators- is a good approach to take, along with making sure your city is taking measures to control these pests.

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    We need to start using DDT again! Thirty years ago, we were tricked into not using it any more, because of our pride, thinking that we could destroy the world if we were not careful. We did not believe that the world is as well made and rugged as it is. We started thinking of ourselves as just another animal, and somehow became convinced that other creatures who are not as smart or as highly evolved as us deserved to live just as much as we did. We said we believed in evolution, but we did not act upon it.

    Now, we are reaping the results of our foolishness. After DDT was banned, sixty million people throughout the world, mostly children, have died of malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases. There are some people who think that the world would not be worth living in if there were not mosquitoes in it. But I take the same view as C.S. Lewis, who said, “I think that a heaven for mosquitoes and a hell for men could very conveniently be combined.”

    29 JAN 07, 1829 hrs, GMT.

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    Purchase a big mosquito net to cover our planet

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    As long as the breeding grounds of the mosquitoes exist they will continue to thrive and feed on our blood and it is virtually impossible to get rid of them. However there is no point in keeping the existence of these pests for the sake of other species who feed on them. They are a threat to human lives and there are regions where it becomes impossible to exist as the mosquitoes reign supreme there.

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    You cannot get rid of mosquitoes in the world.They keep a balance in the ecosystem.

    However if you want to get rid of these insects,you have to keep the region neat as possible.You have to check the drainage and stop mosquitoes from breeding.

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    Kill every mosquito until there is no mosquito on the planet.. ;)

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    Nothing. It is a valuable part of the ecosystem. Many different animals eat the mosquito and its larvae. Some young fish would starve without it.

    They may be annoying and carry disease but the earth life system needs them.

    Now, if you want them out of your backyard, I would suggest using a bats. Get a bat house.

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