Women Headshave?

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I am from south india.The very though of seeing the process of a woman getting her head shaved arouses (Esply Indian women)me.Can anyone tell me why i am having this wierd (As per my ...show more
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Seeing bald women arouses you! Actually I am not sure in which way you meant the arousal to be!
Assuming it is a sexual arousal, it could probably be because the sight of bald women is almost like prohibited in India.. and when you look at 'almost-prohibited' or 'not-so-common' things, it sometimes turns as a person's sexual fantasy or would arouse him/her.

Well the above is some psychological truth, about which I came to read somewhere a few months ago, though I do not have enough proof to show you.

But still, don't worry.. fantasies or fetishes can be wild and wierd and are meant to be so! So chillax and enjoy the feeling.

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Good explanation .Thanks
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  • Yahoo Will Never Silence Me answered 7 years ago
    Don't let anyone make you feel guilty. I think bald women are the sexiest!
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  • rooterdon2000 answered 7 years ago
    i also think its sexy
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  • Anna answered 7 years ago
    maybe you are depressed?
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