What is the difference between a DVD+RW and DVD-RW? Multi-recorder?

I have a DVD Multi-recorder drive and I was wondering what was the difference between DVD+/-RW. I was wondering which one was right for me and which one that my dvd burner can burn. (Since it is multi recorder, can it burn both?)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    yea ur right, it can burn both. some dvd burners can only + or -, ur burner can burn both + and -. so it doesnt matter wat type of blank DVD u buy.

  • Sarah
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    5 years ago

    dvd rom stands for Digital Versatile Disk Read Only Memory these come in two type dvd - r and dvd + r the only difference is which node it switches on or off certain dvd writer for home use + or - r computer writers will read both a dwd rw (DVD Re Writable) is like the old floppies it can be used again again only if the multi-session tab is left open when you write to it otherwise it will write once only

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yeah it can burn both. check out:


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