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How to solve problem of POWER-CUTS or ELECTRICITY SHORTAGE in maharashtra?

in maharashtra there is lot of power cuts in rural area, what can be a solution?

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    throw out congress as we did in MP... & we are in much much better state now, best of roads & electricity.

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    Well I would like to know why only Maharashtra, does this means rest of India has no problem in regards to power or electricity, well I think Maharashtra is far more lucky to have such excellent power supply, mostly Mumbai.

    But, the regards to the answer I say, moral science is very much necessary to each one of us, mostly the very well educated people. I have noticed it thousand times that these educated people unnecessarily waste power & water like anything, mostly when they are in office (not there own). Secondly the corporate buildings mostly 24*7 offices never put off the lights off, round the clock the lights are on, & this is because of absence of moral education. Government should ban using of focus lights on big banners. Lastly the entertainment channels use power unnecessarily, the recent one are KBC & Film awards. Just for show off so much of electricity is used.

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    Electricity Problems And Solutions

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    Firstly the problem in India is no one cares about others. They leave the fans, ligths, TV's, music systems switched on even if they are not required. They want to show off and therefore never use the natural resourses even if they are more beneficial.To avoid it first every state has to face the powercut problem and know how to save the resourses, then they think about Maharashtra and help it to overcome the shortage of power supply.

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    Save Electricity is the main mantra. We should follow this religiously. We waste a lot of electricity. There are lots of firms where the PC is on even the individual is not on his/her desk. We can turn off the PC (atleast the monitor) so that much electricity is saved.

    Every individual should take this responsibility seriously.

    Stop stealing electricity.

    Introduction of feasible solar systems should be introduced.

    Plant more and more trees, so that the temperature around u may be not that hot and hence the necessity of AC may decrease.

    Save water and Save Electricity. If u r wasting them now, u would not find them when u r in desperate need.

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    The solution is that aware the people about the problem to supply the electricity is difficult and caution the people that if they waste the electricity they would have to run short of currents.introducing of solar energy,genarators must be known to the people inorder to save the current,using of less loads and unwanted wasteage of decorations and introducing of new techonology .percautions of not wasting currents should be announced to the people even in the rual areas.

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    Permit industry to use their captive generation facilities. Stop taxing them for the electricity they produce, as they have already paid taxes for the equipments and fuel. It will ease the situation to some level. The only permanent solution is to produce more electricity by creating necessary infrastructure..


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    The only solution to the prevention of power cuts are the use of different sources of energy. We need to tap more soyrces like solar energy, tidal energy ,etc.

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    Only way to save power cuts is to conserve electricity and use it as less as possible.

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    1. We must make good use of Solar Energy and implement plants to generate power through pedal power.

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