What make of car do you think most reliable?

i thinking about buying a car but i dont have much money so i looking for a cheapy.

what make of car do u think most reliable not to break down and if so it quite cheap to fix.?

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    1 decade ago
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    In all recent surveys, Japanese-made cars are top for build/reliability, driver satisfaction, value-for-money.

    French-made-cars are generally bottom of the same polls.

    I drive a Ford, I wish I'd seen the survey results!

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    Lexus are the most reliable cars followed closely by Ford, Mazda, Honda and Toyota (although these are Lexus and vice versa). I have a Mazda and it it unbelievably reliable. I am probably going to buy a Toyota Celica soon as I have looked into it and out of the choice of the four cars I want this one will be the better buy I feel. Hope that helps.

    P.S I'm not really a fan of them but a Ford Focus would be a good buy if you want it to be cheap to run, low on insurance and reliable.

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    There are good and bad with every make.Everyone has their favourites,I like European cars but many others will like Japanese.Japanese cars do tend to have more gadgets and tend to last a long time.But European cars are cheaper to fix.

    For older cars say in the £/$ 2000 range choose a car that you like the look of,then find a version with the least miles and the most service history.Shiny doesn't always mean clean.

    With the price of fuel these days getting larger engined cars is often a good buy and you will certainly get more for your money.

    Stay away from small "hot" hatches as these tend to of been kept clean but lack proper care and will of had a harder life.

    Good luck searching.

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    The Honda Accord is spectacularly reliable, but if you want real bargain basement reliability, then a Rover 600 (either 1.8 or 2.0 litre model with the Honda engine) is the same car, but now obsolete. Parts are readily available.

    I'm going to get rid of mine this year, which I bought as a temporary replacement for a much newer car which got wasted when it was parked. I got it with 57K on the clock, it's been off the road 4 days, and it has now done 136K.

    It's a moving miracle!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Japanese cars are always very high up in the reliability charts. If you just want a cheap little run around then I would suggest a Nissan Micra.

    Link below will tell you about reliability and things likely to go wrong with most car makes/models.


  • 1 decade ago

    Ford is the only way to go. I would like to see the reliability stats on these so called toyotas and hondas. How do you rate reliability on a car thats brand new ? You are going to pay more for repairs on over seas cars. Reliability of a car is based only on proper maintinence. Keep American cars going strong and keep it in the us! The ones that say their isnt such thing as american cars anymore, dont know crap about the auto industry. I would put my ford against any toyota or honda in life span.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you have not a lot of cash and you want to have reliability consider a W124 or W123 diesel Mercedes.

    Why? they are cheap enough to get in good condition. They are not technically complicated so most stuff (service, small repairs can be done by the technically minded. the engines, if properly maintained are absolute bulletproof(w124 engines with 650k +miles on them and still going strong)

    the car body (pay attention at: sills, wheelarches,inside of the rear wings,under the battery shelf,are good quality and last)

    and because they are coming up or are over 20 years old tax and insurance is cheap.

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    In the car magazines and newspaper reports, the Japanese car makers such as Toyota, Nissan and Honda come out top for reliability. There are tons of cheap 2nd hand ones available.

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    Japanese cars are definitely the most reliable cars, especially Toyota's & Honda's. I work for a mechanic and from what i've heard and seen, these are the best. Ford Focus's are also a great car despite what some people say about ford's. Stay away from fiat's (Fix It Again Tomorrow!), Opel's/Vauxhall's or anything GM (general motors) for that matter.

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    A few years back I bought a Honda Civic (N reg) with 50,000mls on it. I managed to put another 50,000 on it with nothing more than regular servicing. It never once broke down or had any mechanical problems. It wasn't all that cheap to buy but certainly very reliable, decent looking and economical on fuel. Unfortunately it died when I crashed it but I would reccomend this car to anyone.

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    4 years ago

    I REALLY like our Hyundai, Santa Fe. The gas mileage isn't very good, but it performs. If one lives in rough terrain country, it comes with both automatic & a manual transmissions. Two for the price of one! This manual side of the transmission is great for hill country. During bad weather one can put the car in 1st gear on the manual side and there is no need to even touch the brakes when going down very high, steep hills. This 4x4 really works. Rides well and is dependable. If I didn't need a rough terrain vehicle, I would by a Toyota car. They all have great mileage and peform wonderfully well. My son has a Toyota he bought new in 1986, 262,000 miles. He has taken care of it and it is just like new. The blue paint is faded, other than that it is good to go. Chevies used to be like that. Too Bad.

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