what is the precipitation titration? when we used it?

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    A precipitation titration is a titration in which as you proceed toward the end point, the substance of interest is precipitates out soultion as an insoluble salt: ie.

    Ag+(aq,unknown) + Cl-(aq,titrant) --> AgCl(s)

    ref: http://www.intute.ac.uk/sciences/reference/plambec...

    You would use it, when it was your only other option available to find the amount of unknown in the test solution.

    You would probably proceed as follows:

    1) one quick titration to get a rough estimate of titrate needed

    2) 3 or 4 slow titrations to get a precise titrant value.

    3) average the result, with std deviation.

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    Precipitation titration is an Amperometric titration in which the potential of a suitable indicator electrode is measured during the titration.

    It is used for determination of chloride by Mohr's Method using Silver nitrate.

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    Ppt titration is used for such reaction when the titration is not recognised by changing the colours. during the reaction a salt is precipitated as the titration is completed.

    Source(s): of course chemistry
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    mostly used for neutralization reactions when the salt is occured the preciptation can ve observed we use indicators to see the pH range

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    use perhaps the Riemann's dzeta function

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