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Which is a better anti -virus? Money doesnt matter Norton or McAfee or something else?

I need it to remove viruses I already have and to stop future ones from getting in, I admit Im really bad on the net I check so many websites that could be potientially bad

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    Nod32 ($) or Avast! (free)

    Norton and McAfee aren't worth the money ,in my experience.

    Search the web for user reviews, then decide for yourself.

    TIP: Don't try to run more than one Anti-virus on your PC at any one time, they won't work properly.

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    Neither Norton and McAfee are both system hogs, and take up a lot of system resources, With McAfee i couldnt do a virus scan in under 50 minutes, I dont care what anyway says AVG anti-virus free is still one of the best, need i say 1 of the best, There are still many more good ones out there, try the link below, good luck.

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    The best anti-virus software actually isn't either of these. It is a FREE software called AVG. You can also download a free adware and tracking cookie remover called Ad-Aware SE Personal. Both are free and the best, most up-to-date anti-virus programs out there!

    P.S. Stay away from Norton and McAfee like the plague. Adware and software companies pay them big bucks NOT to index their software, i.e. their software could be on your computer and Norton and McAfee would NOT find it!!

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    At work we did an informal test, and McAfee found more viruses on the same messed up computer than Norton. I like McAfee a little better.

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    You also try to select and install a suitable anti spy ware from the following link to protect the Pc against spyware attacks.

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    I would rather suggest a different strategy:

    Instead of buying a complete package for offline installation and use, you should purchase the online scanning and removal services of more than one. For instance, symantec, mcaffee and avg. We have seen many times that one software is not sufficient to detect all vulneranilities.

    If you get the online service, then you would not have to install all the (otherwise conflicting) software and worry about keeping them updated and clean. The only concern, however is the price. Better research before making a decision.

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    I have been using Trend Micro for several years and never encountred a Virus or any spyware. The updates are quick if you have a quick system.

    The 2007 version integrates with Outlook and now I get very little SPAM.

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    Personally, I'd suggest Sophos Anti-virus & Firewall.

    If you're continually checking "bad" websites, then upgrading to Linux or Mac OS X could be best way for you. As they are secure and well-written operating systems, you can browse "bad" website without fear of being infected.

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    McAfee are offering their software for half price at the moment. It offers great all-round protection and is well worth the money. Find it at the link below.

    Good Luck.

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