How to create a new yahoo email address?

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If you are in The UK and Ireland, Sign up here:

In America, sign up here:

To delete your old Yahoo! account, Visit the Yahoo Account Deletion Page here:
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  • hkg answered 7 years ago
    Dear Friend,
    it is very simple create a new email address. You should open first After open this page you may see option of Check your mail status Sing in & Free mail Sign up. If you want check your mail status then click upon Sign In. If you want make a new e-mail address then click upon Sign Up. when you will Sign Up then option will come and you should fill up but attension your e-mail address will difference your old e-mail adress because when match your new e-mail address then will not create. Don't Have an e-mail Sign Up option will also come for create a new email address.


    Myself Experience.
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  • Like answered 7 years ago
    It's very simple, hope u remember how u created ur previous yahoo e-mail address, so there should not any probs..!
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  • unknown_identity answered 7 years ago
    get a new account ive had so many yahoo accounts its not even funny. this would have to be my 4th or 7th account. but im not sure.
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  • None of your F***ing business answered 7 years ago
    The same way you created the one you have now.
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