what was the another name of shurpnakha, ravana's sister?

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    SURPANAKHA's another name is KAMAVALLI.

    In this beautiful form she introduces herself to Rama as the virgin Kamavalli, (This name for Surpanakha is a combination of kama (sexual desire) and valli (creeper), a common epithet for women). She is the granddaughter of Brahma and sister of Kubera and Ravana, whereupon Rama asks her how she can have such a form even though she is a demoness and why she has come there alone.

    As per another source Surpanaka's another name was - CHANDRANAKA.

    Ravana was the eldest of Kaikesi's children, given the name Dashananda at birth - he was given the gift of protection from Vishrava that made him appear to have ten heads, simultaneously augmenting his intelligence and strength ten times. His brothers were Kumbhakarna and Vibheeshana. Through his mother, he was related to the demons Maricha and Subahu. Kaikesi also produced a daughter, CHANDRANAKHA (the one with the beautiful nose), although later she was dubbed the infamous Soorpanakha.

    Source -http://www.answers.com/topic/ravana

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