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2 unique characteristics of seedless vascular plants, gymnosprems, and angiosprems?


what is the evolutionary timeline of these?

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    seedless vascular plants are pteridophytes xylem, trachea are absent and in phloem companion cells are absent

    2. fertilisation is essentially by agency of water ie zooidogamy

    eg:Plisitum, Selaginella

    gymnosperms: 1. coralloid roots beside normal root system

    2. there is a combination of zooidogamy and siphonogamy

    eg: Pinus, Cycas

    angiosperms: 1.seeds are enclosed in fruits.

    2. fertilisation involves siphonogamy.

    eg: Ranunculus, Anemone

    you can find many more such uniqye characters in a good botany textbook

    as far as evolution is considered i agree with the above answer

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    Seedless Vascular Plants Characteristics

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    Characteristics Of Seedless Vascular Plants

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    A) SEEDLESS VASCULAR PLANTS---( The Pteridophytes )

    Unique characters -- 1) These are the only plants that are seedless & Vascular at the sams time . You cannot use that expression for any other group.

    2) This is the only group in which the sporophyte and the gametophyte are independent of each other.

    B ) GYMNOSPERMS - Unique characters-

    1 ) They bear seeds but no fruits

    2) Xylem elements show bordered pits .

    C) ANGIOSPERMS - Unique characters--

    1) These are the seed as well as fruit bearing plants.

    2 ) They show double fertilization .

    The pteridophytes appeared first ; then the gymnosperms

    and lastly the angiosperms.

    I) Ferns first appear in the fossil record in the early-Carboniferous period. By the Triassic, the first evidence of ferns related to several modern families appeared. The "great fern radiation" occurred in the late-Cretaceous, when many modern families of ferns first appeared.

    I I ) Gymnosprms ( Cycads ) The cycad fossil record dates to the Early Permian, 280 million years ago .

    I I I ) Angiosperms --The Cenozoic is the age of new life. During the Cenozoic, flowering plants seems to have appeared.

    Source(s): Botanist
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    2 unique characteristics of seedless vascular plants, gymnosprems, and angiosprems?


    what is the evolutionary timeline of these?

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    examples of seedless vascular plants (aka nonseed tracheophytes) are club mosses, whisk ferns, horsetails, and ferns

    gymnosperms: conifers, ginkgos, cycads

    angiosperms: any flowering plant

    i don't know if they're unique characteristics but...

    seedless vascular plants: independent gametophyte and sporophyte generations, first group to have tracheids

    gymnosperms: seed plants that don't form flowers, no ovaries, some bear cones

    angiosperms: flowers, fruits, double fertilization

    seedless vascular plants came about 409-354 mya, gymnosperms came next, angiosperms last (140 mya)

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