Suggestions of what to check when going to repair a friend's pc problem ?

She's left me a message on ansaphone saying she presses the button for the pc to start.. and it powers up.. and looks like it will boot up.. but doesn't, and screen remains dark - it doesn't go to the XP welcome/account screen.

(Hmm its just occured to me I best check the cable monitor hasn't come out of back of pc or monitor itself)

Any suggestions really welcome so I can go prepared with some things to try ? Thanks. :)


Thanks for useful info so far.

However her Dell is the type which has internal inbuilt graphic thingy... not a video card.. so will be up the creek if its that I should imagine.

Power cables (good idea). I'll ring Dell now and ask them to send her an XP Home CD. I was with her when she ordered the PC about 2 years ago.. set it up too.. but Dell didn't include XP disc - there was a note saying we shouldn't really need one and to contact them if we do.

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    check the power cable that goes to the screen/moniter and the other cable on the moniter is plugged into the back of the pc into the video card or into the onboard graphics.if there are any controls on the front of the monitor then check the brightness. check if its turned on (duh).ask her if she have banged the pc pretty hard or it has fallen over etc. this may have damaged the internal graphics.plug in a speaker and check for beeps.normally every pc comes with a small speaker inside that connects to the board.if its not connected then it wont beep when needed (i f there is a problem) try and test the memory. if she has 2 then remove 1 and try the other 1 on its own and do the same to the other.try a spare graphics card in it like yours to test if its the onboard graphics.

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    Check the monitor cables (power etc).

    Then check if there are any messages on the screen.

    After that, I'd suggest booting from the XP cd or a boot disk.

    Good Luck.

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    If theres nothing at all it could be the cables are loose, or the monitor is bust; or its not plugged in!

    There should be a test screen before boot up, if she doesn't get that theres no signal reaching the monitor.

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    If you get a post screen then rule out video card.

    Try tapping F8 on boot to display the boot menu and go in under safe mode.

    Also, connect a system speaker (If available) and listen for beeps to indicate dead ram or CPU.

    Take a spare PSU if you've got one, might be bollocksed.

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    is there any other message or the screen just remains dark.i can't help it if there's no message but there is no use as the booting message will appear only if the monitor is plugged in the first place!!!!!!! if there is a message come back and post it otherwise you have no other choice but to re-install the entire operating system.....

  • Manik
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    1 decade ago

    if your monitor switch is not off or monitor is not disconnected from cpu and electrical outlet and the graphics AGP card is ok and graphics media driver is ok then there can be some problem with boot file/section of windows XP of harddisk drive, please collect an imergency disk and enter it to boot from it, many keep those at hand,,and you seems intelligent and smart enough to know that fact..try diagnose ,,i believe you can sought out the actual problem..that's all from me..

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    make sure the monitor power cable is plugged in at the socket and the monitor, then make sure the monitor is connected to the PC. Make sure the monitor is on (she is female) if all fine might be worth trying to plug it in another socket see if the sockets faulty.

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    If there is nothing at all on the screen, not even dos text its the video card

    If it has text and wont boot up after safe mode is could be the HDD

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    Make sure the monitor is plugged into the electrical outlet and powered on.

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    Check for power both to the computer and the monitor.

    Next, the video card.

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