what is meant by Parthian Tactics?

this is a skill that made the archers (especially mounted archers) deadly anybody know more about it?

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    yes i know

    The Parthian shot was a military tactic employed by the Parthians, an ancient Iranian people. The Parthian archers, mounted on light horse, would feign retreat; then, while at a full gallop, turn their bodies back to shoot at the pursuing enemy. The maneuver required superb equestrian skills, since the rider's hands were occupied by his bow, leaving only pressure from his legs to guide his horse.[1]

    You wound, like Parthians, while you fly, And kill with a retreating eye. —Samuel Butler, An Heroical Epistle of Hudibras to His Lady (1678)[2]

    An Amazon delivers a Parthian shot, in an Etruscan figurine of the 6th century BCE.This tactic was used by most Eurasian nomads, including the Scythians, Huns, Magyars, Turks and Mongols, and it eventually spread to armies away from the Eurasian steppe, such as the Byzantine cataphracts and Sassanid clibanarii.[citation needed]

    A notable battle in which this tactic was employed (by the Parthians) was the Battle of Carrhae. In this battle the Parthian shot was a principal factor in the Parthian victory.[3]

    The modern term "parting shot" is probably a bastardization of "Parthian shot", which itself was used up to the 20th century to describe a barbed insult or bon mot given as the speaker departed:

    With which Parthian shot he walked away, leaving the two rivals open-mouthed behind him. —Arthur Conan Doyle, A Study in Scarlet (1886)

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    Parthian Tactics

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    Check this site for a fairly complete history of the Parthian Archers and Cavalry. http://www.parthia.com/parthia_horses_burris.htm

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    parthinian's were known for their skill in archery, bowmaking, and horsemanship. They were also known for their skill in being able to ride and shoot. A favorite tactic of the Parthinians (although it was used by a number of steppe nomad tribes, most famously the mongols), was to fake a retreat and while riding away, they would turn their upper bodies to the rear and shoot their arrows. This gave rise to the saying "giving a parting shot".

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