Where can I find Sansa e250 Rhapsody files? I accidently deleted them and now it freezes up.?

I deleted the rhapsody files on my Sansae250R. Now it freezes up when I accidently open the Rhapsody part. Is there any way to reformat the player to get rid of the Rhapsody option? Or even better, are there any sites out there with the original files that I can use and put back into the player? I don't like it freezing up.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    try to format the player and reload you songs. if that doesnt work update the firmware.

  • 1 decade ago

    what i did is eliminate the rhapsody library from computer. then opened up my sansa through the my computer option on your computer then manually deleted anything to do with rhapsody and the stuff they put on your device before you buy it, then used windows media player to sync. also make sure its set on "play for sure" mode on your sandisk.. dont know if that helped any

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