What is monosporic ,bisporic and tetrasporic embryo sac?

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rep. in angiosperms
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  • white answered 7 years ago
monosporic-develops from single megaspore,thus nuclei are genetically alike they re of 2 types-polygonum-develops from chalazal megaspore,nucleus divides 3* thus 8 nuclei&oenothera type-develops from micropylar megaspore ,divdes2*thus 4 nuclei,only one funtions as polar nucleus Bisporic-develos from 1 of 2 dyadsformed due meiosis 1 of megaspore mother cell ,both nuclei of functional dyad takes part in formation of embryo sac ,2 miotic division are there thus 4 nuclei from megaspore nuclei are geneticaly diff, from 2 nd megaspore nucleus there are 2 types-allium-develop from chalazal dyad,endymion type -develops from micropylar dyad Tetraspoic-when cytokinesis is not there in meiotic division causes coeno-megaspore,thus 4 nuclei participate in embryo formation ,there are7 types of tetrasporic es
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