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how did manchester united get the nickname red devils?

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    Manchester United,the greatest club of all time, gets its nickname from a feared rugby club named Salford City Reds, which used "Red Devils" as it's nickname.

    Sir Matt Busby,legendary united manager, adopted this nickname for his team which he was rebuilding after the Munich air disaster of 1958.He no longer wanted to continue with the nickname "The Busby Babes" and hence took the nickname of the aforementioned rugby team which was performing very well at the time.

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    "The Red Devils" which was adopted in the early 60s after Sir Matt Busby heard it in reference to the red-shirted Salford rugby league side.

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    15 English leagues

    9 FA cups

    2 UEFA champions league

    has given them the name RED DEVILS

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    They should be called the Red Faces after their manager .

    Wino on the bench

    Source(s): We did the double over them ,so how can they be great . w h u f c PRIDE OF FOOTBALL -Tevez better than Rooney
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    well they got the nickname red devils as they used to wear red dress and were like devils in the game destroying everyone who came in their path to success(cups)..........

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    because of their red jersey!

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