What is the strength of Luke Cage?

Spider man can lift ten tons and Hulk can lift 100+tons, Superman has not been tested to his limit because he always holds back...so how much can luke cage lift? Has he ever been measured like that?

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    The Marvel Database has a good strength scale list at:


    Many heroes continue to see their powers increase over the years and Luke Cage is no exception. He began around the 3 ton level and is currently in the 25-ton range.

    This gives him a strength edge over Spiderman (20 tons) and makes him considerally stronger than guys like Venon (15 tons), US Agent (10 tons), Ghost Rider (5 tons).

    He's still a few tiers below the powerhouses like The Thing, Sub-Mariner, Wonder-Man, She-Hulk who are rated around 100 tons not to mention the real powerhouses like Thor, Silver Surfer, Superman and the Hulk who have strength levels far in excess of 100 tons.

    Throw in superhuman stamina (he can fight for 24 hours before fatigue sets in), super-strong titanium like skin (resistant to small arms fire, blades, small explosions), and accelerated healing and we're talking serious super soldier.


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    Luke Cage Vs Hulk

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    Colossus, Luke Cage while durable isn't in the same strength class. He's relatively low at 25 tons, while Colossus is near 100 tons(stats based on handbook entries). And is even further beyond now as he recently gained the powers of Juggernaut. He doesn't have the strength to actually punch it out with Colossus.

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    Originally, Luke was strong enough to lift around three tons (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe).

    Since then, his strength has been raised to 25 tons.

    And the real reason Supermans' strength isn't quantified is because the writers and editors intentionally want it left ambigious. Most DC characters do not have precise quantifications. There are a few exceptions, but very few.

    Assume Superman is as strong as he needs to be for the story to work.

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    Luke has gone through the power man process three time. He is easily in the 75 to 80 tone power range. He has been shown to be as strong as the thing. He has fought villain at least as powerful as the thing and won. No way he can do this with a 3-10 ton lift. No matter how durable he is...

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    Luke Cage knocked out Namor and Doc Samson... Both can lift over 50-85 tons.

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    Luke Cage possesses superhuman strength, stamina, and has extremely dense skin and muscle tissue which render him highly resistant to physical injury. Cage possesses these abilities as a result of his participation in dangerous, and highly controversial, experiments while in prison. The cellular regeneration experiment has fortified the various tissues of Cage's body, granting him a high degree of resistance to injury. Cage's skin is as hard as titanium and can resist high caliber bullets, puncture wounds, corrosives, and extreme temperatures and pressures without sustaining damage. Despite this, it is still possible to cause him injury. For example, it is possible to injure him with adamantium weapons. Despite the increased density of his bodily tissues, Cage is able to feel all types of contact or physical damage done to him, just as a normal human can. The same experiment that granted him his great strength and durability, has also increased his rate of healing. Luke Cage's injuries heal in about one-third of the time that a normal human's would. However, a drawback to his superhuman durability is that when he does sustain serious injury, medical care is difficult given doctors' inability to get past his hardened skin, as in the Secret War limited series.

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    Colossus, easily. They are both nearly indestructable, but Colossus has the sheer strength to knock Cage out, whereas Cage could still hurt his hands trying to punch Colossus.

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