how to configure DNS server 2003?

installation of DNS

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    Hay its very easy use the tools available in the administrative tools folder in the control panel, first se the dns server name and configure the clients after creating the users and add the client computers to it that it yar all you need is to check the control panel in it pa

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    you can visit and get detailed installatin steps on configuring DNS onto win 2k3 .

    By default while running DC promo it gives tou the option for DNS installation or you can choose it later accroding to the need.

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    follow this path:- start >administrativ tools>dnsservice>forwardlookup zone>give the ip add.

    go to reverlookup zone>give the user friendlyname like>next>give the ip network>add the dns name>Ok>finish

    for check the dns service :-

    start>run>type :nslookup

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    Look under Control Panel >Admnistrative Tools > Services

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  • 1 decade ago

    I assume you are trying to setup a domain - in which case, you should have a look over my web page on DNS:

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    1 decade ago

    see this web site for more details

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