Cost of an autorickshaw in india????

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how much wud it cost to buy an auto rickshaw india?? just an approximate round figure....
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The cost of auto rickshaw without permit for public use will be around one lakh rupees. The price is for your personal use. If you are going to use it for public transportation, you have to get permit which varies from state to state in india. Further please note that the price given above is petrol drivel. The price is higher by twenty percent for diesel driven. Again note that if you plan to buy auto to be run in Tamil nadu, you will be permitted to use only Gas fuel (Diesel and Petrol vehicles cannot be used. (You can visit Bajaj Auto limited for further details. If you are looking for source in chennai, you can approvach Khivaraj motors in Chennai- All the best for your interest in Auto rickshaw the ride worth. (If you are going to take it abroad, the price will be much much cheaper. It is tax free and you get the advantage.


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  • owen answered 1 month ago
    i want to import autorickshaw to African country '' so i need the normal price
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  • Gudsud55 answered 7 years ago
    Around IRs. 78,000/= including Taxes and Insurance,
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  • ramarekha answered 7 years ago
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  • Mansoor S answered 7 years ago
    around eighty thousand rupees
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  • bummy answered 7 years ago
    An indigenous, emission-friendly autorickshaw with a four-stroke compressed natural gas (CNG) engine would cost approximately Rs. 73,500 plus local taxes as applicable in the state where it is purchased
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  • wisemonkey36 answered 7 years ago
    It would be about 1200 / 1300 $
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