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I need a real loan with bad credit is there any valid lenders out there?

I understand that there will be higher interest rates on a loan of this sort. But Our plan is to make monthly payments and with next years tax refund have the loan almost paid off. Please we are honest hardworking people who really need a break right now. We have 1 car loan right now which is always paid on time. We really don't have anything to offer up as collateral, just our word. The loan amount we need is $8500.

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    If you only have "words" and nothing else, it would be a tough sell for $8,500.

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    I just was on credit karma looking for options for a friend, and SpringLeaf appeared. They are not in some states though. However, my friends credit score is less than 600, but they still approved him for a loan of 5000.00 based on income approval and identity verification... So, I'd say if you're income is decent, you can get approved for a certain amount based on his experience. just for references though, he makes over 55K. Good luck

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    I had an unexpected emergency, and need to buy a friends 2005 SUV which I need $2500 to purchase.Since my motor blew in the only car I had, I am left stranded at the moment. I have no credit file, and have been turned down from about 3 different lender's because of this. I have always been able to pay cash for what I have needed, that does not mean just because I have no credit file, that my credit is bad. It looks like no lender's want to give people like me a chance? If anyone could give recommendations I would really appreciate it. I need to be able to purchase this vehicle within the next 10 days.

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    Check out! All you need is a score of 520 or higher and you can qualify. It's a site with private lenders - no banks. Just people helping people. I saw it on my local news and had to check it out. I think it's an awsome idea. It's totally legit, unlike some of the replies you got, and it sounds like it might just be what you need. It can't hurt to look into it! Hope that helps! And good luck!

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    your best bet is to ask your friend or family. per-half a credit card would be easier.

    there isn't a bank out there would lend you this kind of money without any collateral.

    best of luck!

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    Depending on your credit and your ability to pay the money back, you can try to obtain a loan on from other internet users

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    Be wise and learn to plan your money spending habits. Learn to control right now. Starting with why do you need another $8,500 anyway.

    Learn to control your current spending and save instead of borrowing more.

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    Im trying to combine some medical bills and my carpayments. what do I need to do. please help me.

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