Is there any way to stop eyesight from getting progressively worse?

It seems that every year, my eyesight gets progressively worse. Are there any proven methods to stop this or even improve eyesight?

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    You need to wear contact lenses rather than glasses. If your eyes have to strain across the gap between them and your glasses, it weakens hem. Contact lenses sit on the eye itself, eliminating the problem. It may not stop the deterioration of eyesight completely, but the rate of progression will be significantly slowed.

    My optician recommended that I use contact lenses for that reason, as I was having the same problem as you, and it has made a difference.

    If it stops for a decent length of time (I think two years is the required amount) you can have laser surgery and eliminate the problem altogether!

  • I had the same problem a few years ago. I was almost legally blind. One option (if your over 18) is lasik eye surgery (where they remove the top layer of your eye). I always thought this sounded gruesome, and never tried it. I hear you don't feel a thing and your eye sight is very clear without contacts or glasses afterwords. Many people swear by it, so you may want to try that.

    What I did was use this kit: Natural Vision Improvement Kit made by Meir Schneider, Ph.D, LMT. It's a great natural way to improve vision if you stick to it. It took me a couple of years to get the hang of practicing his methods everday, and then another couple of years for it to work fully, and I often still do his practices. The kit contains a few cards that explain the procedures and have photos of them, plus a small but helpful book explaining what vision is and why we lose it among other things. This kit was relatively cheap, and I bought it at my local Wild Oats. You can purchase it:

    This worked well for me, but I'm sure it is all depending on our own eyesight for how well it affects you.

    Also, eating a healthy diet contributes to your eyesight, as does reading in good light and not staring a computer screen all day long. But I did those last two things for atleast 5 years beforehand, and not doing them will help prevent it but will not heal the damage it did to my eyes.

    Good luck!

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    Lxl, good question. Supposedly wearing contacts as opposed to glasses slows the progression of nearsightedness. As others say, you can get lasik when your about 20 years. If your young and nearsighted you might try a slight degree of reading glasses. It might help slow things down a bit.

    Those carrots, even though it sounds crazy, might have something to it. There are some islands and remote cultures where the kids don't need glasses. When these same kids are relocated to big civilized cultures they get myopia. Is it the diet, or what. Nobody seems to know. They've made lots of progress in lasik etc., but really the medical people don't really have an answer for nearsightedness. Is it diet, I don't know. With all the advances in medicine etc. the medical crowd doesn't have an answer. They'll tell you that people were nearsighted and just had to live with it in the olden days. I'm sure there was some. When the medical people say it is about the same as it's always been, don't believe it. That's bull.

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    Unfortunately, alot of people think their eyesight gets worse each year-- but think about it; if that were the case 1) Everyone over the age of 30 would be blind, and 2) We wouldn't need to get your glasses/contacts changed because everyone would have the same prescription, (the thickest we could possibly make) and everyone would have that.

    Look, a prescription is not linear-- meaning a "4" does not mean that it is "worse" than a "3". It is much closer to a set of coordinates in 3 dimensions. Knowing that, let me ask you: do the coordinates 2,4,7 seem "worse" than a 1,5,3?! I know that you can't answer that and that is EXACTLY my point.

    But to answer your question -- there have been studies that show, by wearing rigid contact lenses you can decrease the progression of your myopia by a third. There was also a recent study suggesting that it might be possible to get similar results by using high prescription silicone soft lenses by wearing them inside out and only at night.

    All of these results depend on your prescription, family history, sex, and age.

    Source(s): I've been a licensed optometrist for 16 years.....AND I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
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    First all all, you need to make a visit to your optometrist to find out where your vision currently stands and to get an idea if an ophthalmologist may be in order for you. An ophthalmologist can help determine if any eye disease may be contributing to you decreased vision such as Glaucoma. If you happen to have diabetes, it could be contributing to your vision problem. If you spend much time in front of the computer, you might need VDT glasses which will help cut down on glare and eye strain issues. I am not sure there are any proven methods to improve eyesight but a trip to your eye doctor may prevent them from getting worse. I worked for Vision Service plan for 12 years and have learned the importance of an annual eye exam.

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    I would like to learn on the improving methODs also,please share with us ,on the other hand i can tell you from my own experience that wearing glasses and having an od update them every 2 years will make the eyesight weaker and weaker,when i stopped the process of telling the doc that well it is a little less clear which lead him to not make any prescripttion changes ,my eye sight did not change and i am wearing the same (prescription ) lenses that i had 8 years ago,well the glasses are new but the prescrip. is the same as it was then.

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    Yes, there are several things you can do.

    1) Buy a bottle of Ocuvite, which is an eye vitamin. It is inexpensive and you can get it at Walmart. Take one EVERY day. It will help your eyes immensely. It feeds them the vitamins and minerals they need.

    2) Begin doing eye exercises. This takes some work but is well worth the time. My brother was in the Navy over 30 years ago and was told to focus on an object close that he could see, then look beyond that object and try to focus. Then bring your eyes back to the first one that you can see clearly and then to the far one. Eventually you will be able to see the far one with concentrating on focusing. Then take it one step further and look even farther. It works. I have 20-15 in my left eye and 20-20 in my right eye. I know because I just went to the eye doctor today and she wanted to know what I have been doing. I have the vision of someone about 30 and not someone almost 56.

    20-20 in my right eye

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    In India they say that walking barefoot early morning everyday on grass which is wet on account of the dew fallen on it helps in preventing the eyesight from getting worse.I know several people who have tried it beneficially.

    In a naturopathy institute which i visited few years ago they used to give about 150 ml of mixed juice of carrot and spinach everyday morning for preventing further worstening of eyesight.I found this too beneficial.

    A research done a couple of years ago revealed that people kept in dark rooms for some length of time showed improved eyesight afterwards.I have tried this in my own way by using very dark glasses as often as i can.This measure too has helped in my eyesight from getting worse.

    I am sure if u try all three methods simultaneously the results will be very beneficial.

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    Don't sit up close to the tv.

    Limit time on the COMPUTER.

    Read up on the official word of foods and vitamins that may be beneficial.

    Don't look at the sun.

    If you become diabetic, do what your doctor tells you. A friend of mine didn't and now she's blind.

    I have been VERY lucky. As a child I got an archery set. I took it with me headfirst down my slide in our backyard and when I hit the bottom, the tip of the bow had poked one of my eyes and it was a bloody mess (literally). Went to the ER and wore a patch for a while. That was about 30 years ago and my vision is better than 50/50 today.

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    Our optometrist recommended Corneal Refractive Therapy (Accelerated Corneal Molding) for our son.

    (CRT) is a non-surgical procedure in which a series or single set of custom designed rigid gas permeable contact lenses (retainers) are used to gently change the shape of the cornea.In some ways this is a similar to the use of dental appliances (retainers and braces) by an orthodontist to straighten crooked teeth. The main difference is that if a tooth position is corrected for some months, it will stay in the position. The cornea, however, is highly elastic and always returns to its original shape. In many ways, this is a good thing. It is why this procedure is totally reversible. In other ways it means that you may have to wear the retainers many, if not most nights of the week. Retainers will be prescribed after your ideal corneal shape and maximum vision change has been achieved.

    The CRT lens by Paragon Vision has the FDA stamp of approval.

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    I know everyone says to take vitamins and eat carrots, but that is more of a damage repair for the rods in your eyes, which though yes they help you see, is mainly for seeing in the dark, so your eyes are able to adjust faster to the light change. Otherwise stay in bright areas while reading and watching tv. Don't look at a computer screen too long, that seems to be a big eye degeneration cause currently. Try to wear sunglasses with full UVA protection as that also harms your eyes as much as your skin. Hope that helps you a little bit.

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