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Demat account opening procedure & importance?

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Go to any Bank and ask for opening a Demat Account opening Form. Fill up the form and submit the same with all the details and documents as are required. Within 2 - 3 days it will be opened. Some bank do it free and some bank do charge for the same to the extent of Rs.1,000/-


By having Demat account you can keep your physical Shares in electronic form and at the same time you can apply to good IPOs and other public issues. You can also see the present market value of your shares on interest.
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  • vidya answered 8 years ago
    Demat accounts are now a days mandatory for most scrips and is also a very convenient and safe mode of holding in electronic mode, your investments in scrips/bonds/NSC's etc.It is just like a Bank acount where cash is maintained. Procedure is simple. This also facilitates instant transfer s upon sale / purchase.You need to find out the depository who is in your close vicinity and offers a whole range of services. Trading account is important as redemption of the investments will be easy.

    in India Stock holding corporation, India Bulls financial services, Karvy consultants, Kotak Securities, Share Khan, Reliance Money and a lot of public sector/private/MNC Bank's etc are some of the leading players. You can log on to any of their sites and register yourselves. They will do the rest.
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  • j.tejraj BL title toseashipment answered 8 years ago
    The importance of demat account is to have the holding in elec tronic form. It releases the person from the risk of having shares in physical from like loss/defacement, misplacement etc. and also while taking delivery the physical form entails delay, the chance of the holders signature not tallying with the records of the company.
    You can easily seek the services from any Bank/Broker/STOCK HOLDING CORPORATION OF INDIA, who will help you in complying with the formalities. Good luck.
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  • demat account opening procedure & importance?
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