Are you happy with election of Pratibha Patil as President?

Mrs Pratibha Patil has been elected for the post of the President of India through Electoral College constituted by elected members of Parliament and state assemblies. She is good only because she is woman.

Most of the Ministers and voters in general who were interviewed by media person told that India is proud to have a woman president after 60 years of freedom. So, What do you think? Please don't post too short answer.

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    It doesn't matter that you are happy or not fact is this that she is first lady of India.

    Let us leave the past and hope for best in future.

    By the way, she is not the choice of Indian people but of another lady of same nature.

    We can easily imagine what will be the future of Indian politics?

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    In a democratic set-up, after a candidate is declared victorious following a constitunally layed down election procedure , he or she becomes the leader of the rulling as well as the opposition parties. This is the essence of the principles on which the Indian democracy was framed and is successfuly functioning.

    Mrs Prathiba Patil was nominated by the ruling combine and Mr Sekhawat by the opposition. Both contested the election tooth and nail. All the tools were applied by both of them ,which is quite normal, and ultimately Mrs Patil has emerged the winner.

    The fact that she is a woman should not be a negative issue of debate . She is as good as any other Indian citizen.

    The point to be seen is how she functions in the August chair she is going to occupy. Performance has to be the key-stone and nothing else. Theoretically she should no more be a Congress-woman and she should work as the head of the State . Her success lies only in this otherwise she will be remmembered as another Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed or Giani Zail Singh or V.V Giri.

    Let us all give her full support and wish her all the best and good luck . She too has to justify the faith put in her by the representatives of the Indian people.

    The foxy congress -men will try to manupulate her for their political ends but she will have to keep them at bay and analyse the issues which will arise in totality ,keeping in mind, the well being of the country and not of her erstwhile congress colleagues and highcommand. Ofcourse she has to take an oath to this effect.

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    1 decade ago


    It's good to see that after a long 60 years of independence, India proud to have a Woman president. But she was not a right candidate for the highly prestigious and respnsible President post. I Think politics is going in wrong way.

    UPA L not doing well.

    Former President Mr. A.P.J. Kalam are still right for this post.

    I think ,The provision for this election also on the basis of direct election through public not on elected members of houses.

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    1 decade ago

    Pratibha Patil is a good lady ofcourse. The problem is she might don't have an idea of the various problems in India. Every other political leaders will try to keep her on the darker side. Maybe they might be able to get her do good for them. I don't think she can make a good President. APJ Kalam rocks and he deserved to be the President of India. Better try to have a President like him.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No. I'm not happy,because I expected a person elected by all the members,irrespective of party for a most respected country's most prestigious post. But the politicians have proved that they are after all politicians - they cannot come for a common consensus. When these people are not able to give the required representation for women in the government and other machinery, is it an authenticated claim to have elected a first women President for our country? Whether we are happy or not we have to take the mimicry of the politics in democracy. We have no other way.

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    1 decade ago

    Well, I'm surprised this didn't happen earlier. Surprisingly, Indian women were fighting for equal right hundreds of years ago, from what I have been taught. In India, a female Goddess, whose name I can't remember, slayed an evil God trying to overthrow the Indian Pantheon who no male God could slay.

    And according to a Professor I had Indian women used this Goddess's story to promote equal rights. In that a woman can do things a man cannot and needed to be treated equal. It didn't pan out very well, but they fought for it. So, yeah, I'm happy when any female is elected to leadership of a country. I just don't like the candidate we have running at the moment. But, if a female candidate I liked and agreed with came along and ran for President, I wouldn't have a problem voting for her.

  • Lavgan
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    1 decade ago

    President of country like India has a greater impact in the world stage. President post is not like Governor post. This requires international stature and speaking. She is a known cheater (from her former bank). How can she demand respect from our neighbours or from USA, how can she steer our country to reach higher levels. See the way President of China or Singapore is steering their country. Pity India and Indians.

    The wrong person for the right job or right person for the wrong job. Poor selection.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well it is the only reason she became a president that she is a women and she was at the right at the right time, Then it is a shame. But if she is as well qualified like the previous president AB Kalam then cheers for India.

  • 1 decade ago

    What is there to be proud of in having a woman as a head? Indira Gandhi, a woman, was once a head. She created corruption-explosion in the country to such an extent that it is nearly impossible now to obliterate the same. Of course, she did some good things also.

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    1 decade ago

    i dont know at this moment if i am happy or not with this because i don't really know this lady and what she is going to do.

    But I am not happy about the fact that Sonia Gandhi is behind her. I think Sonia Gandhi, (who is not Indian, she is Italian) has some kind of plan because the current PM was also put in place by her.

  • 3 years ago

    From the very day of Indian Independence, Congress by no skill needed to decide for a Presidential candidate who could act and practice his Constitutional skill or place for the betterment of persons of India. that's their status ethics and bylaw.

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