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Do you ever feel compassion for ghosts or do you think they are a nuisance?Or you are scared of them or do?

you think/feel something else?

Please give reasons for your answer

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    In my own definition of 'ghosts', as 'pretas' and other beings born in the realm of Niraya/Apaya Bhumi (all four types), they are indeed in a realm of suffering for their past karma and will have to go through the tortures and extreme suffering over and over again until their dues are paid/karmic retribution is extinguished.

    To those being in such states, they are not able to receive any form of comfort or support as they are living in a state of misery and extreme pain. The only way to 'help' them is to only wish/share with them our good thoughts or deeds as a form of merit which could be received by some of them (not all are able to receive). As to this, I have great compassion for them and reflect on the virtues of the holy ones which are free from such states.

    They are not a nuisance. They are a part of this great parcel we call 'life'. As life exists almost everywhere all around us, we cannot deny their existence. They are a nuisance when we perceive them as nuisance. As a matter of fact, these beings are pitiful and awaiting for liberation from their states of suffering just like each and every one of us in our own realm (and we are blessed to be in a position where we do not equate ourselves to their states of misery).

    My 10 minutes reflection :-)

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    I haven't met a ghost yet.

    But I'm quite sure, ghosts are not actual souls of people, they may be more like soul fragments, or sort of recordings of themselves at another time. Sometimes what we perceive as a ghost may be an alternate reality, or a glimpse into the past or future.

    So, should I meet one, I would have to see what is the best course of action: leave the matter alone or organise some help. Sometimes I think that leaving it alone may be the wisest thing to do ... unless one is absolutely certain what is really going on.

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    When for the first time people were introduced to the idea of 'voice emanating from a metal piece' people thought it were spooky. We now know it as 'telephone'.

    Its true that there are many many secrets that are still to be discovered. Many things are still to be invented.

    Death is a one such a secret not known to man. If only we could know well, what happens when a person dies, we would know if there is any 'lifeless life' after death.

    For being, I would rather be compassionate to those who are alive than those who claim to be alive. Ghosts, if at all, are in search of human compassion, they would do well to be born again or assume some human form.

    I leave rest upto them to decide!

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    When I think of them I have compassion for them.

    I think I saw a ghost once, but am not sure. I was feverish and sick... But I felt fear then.

    I think i just chanted Mahamantra : hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare, hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare,

    and narasingha prayers. The ghost disappeared then.

    The main reasons a person would become a ghost is from very strange and violent deaths, or from suicide..

    Ghosts are sometimes quite scary because they can have mystic siddhis, like brahma rakshashas have.

    However most ghosts are scary only because they are miserable suffering souls, and because they are envious of persons with bodies, they try to "haunt" weak minded persons, so that they can again feel the pleasures of the body/senses.

    The best thing to do when encountering a ghost is to chant God's names to it, or any kirtan, like Srimad Bhagavatam narration, or to give the ghost prasad.

    The saintly one, Gokarna, had much mercy on the ghost of his brother Dundakari. He narrated Srimad Bhagavatam to him for 7 days, and at the end of the seven days Dundakari was completely purified and enlightened, and an ariplane of Vaikuntha came and brought to the Realm of the Lord. Very kind, and sweet.

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    I don't know what ghosts are. There's no doubt that such things exist. To deny them is to fly flat in the face of the evidence.

    There are 'place ghosts' which just appear in one spot and do the same thing over and over.

    People who have recently been bereaved often see or hear the departed - but that only lasts for a short period. . .


    Mumof4, did you mean that your Dad actually appears to people as a ghost or was that a metaphor?

    I'm going to have to look into this. . .

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    felt, not seen yet. i was in my old house in town about 3 years back and was downstairs, just about to turn out the computer. it was around 3 or 4 a.m that time. just then, as i approached the computer, i felt a cold hand or something (no idea what the hell that was) on my left shoulder, sort of like just a light touch but it scared the dogshit out of me because no one else was around and my family was all sleeping upstairs. i dared not look back and then another thing happened instantaneously, a soft, menacing male voice whispered in my ear, 'Hey!" and what makes it even creepier was when the 'voice' said that, a light, very cold breeze blew up part of my hair. wasn't that odd considering all my windows and doors were closed and i wasn't even standing near any open doors or windows? after that, i got sooooooooo scared and just ran upstairs and hid under my covers. i swear i REALLY did experience this. nothing else like this has happened to me after i moved out into the suburbs. i don't know what the hell that 'voice' was. but my first love passed away in a car accident 3-4 years back. the incident above is the first 'ghostly' experience i ever had in my life and i never want to have any such experiences like that again ever. it nearly gave me a heat attack!

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    I certainly do feel compassion for ghosts. My Dad is one. I know he is trying to work through his issues, help our family to heal and come to find his personal peace. He deserves that. He did the best he could in life... he stuffed it up severely, but I love him for his great efforts. He deserves happiness. I pray for him so that God will have mercy on Him and help him to find peace. I know he will. My Dad has the capacity to heal, even beyond the grave.

    I choose to be fearless regarding ghosts... I am a person with a body, therefore I have more power than they do. I would only give my power away if I chose to be afraid. I don't generally seek out to know the dead... I think that is something that should be left alone, unless the spirit of peace hints at me otherwise.

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    No, if you are experiencing something it is not to be pitied but expelled. The "mournful souls" of man are not walking this world. It is clear that it is appointed once for man to die, then the judgment. Souls do not just wonder around lonely waiting on God to make up his mind. If you are experiencing anything it is a manifestation of evil attempting to trick, deceive, or mislead you. Watch out. No Where will you find in scripture that ghost or spirits of the deceased walk the earth. As a matter of fact, we can take lessons from the story of the Rich man and Lazarus, when both died, one raised his eyes in hell, and one in heaven. No middle ground.

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    ghosts are a --pain in the but. wish i had a ghost killing gun, there would be a lot of double dead spirits.

    i have a ghost that haunts my 3ft by 4ft kitchen and the s.o.b will not permanently leave my apartment, it haunts many people and gos on vacation for a few weeks then is back.

    i don't have the spiritual power to [vaporise it] and send it to helll,or heaven.sending it to heaven would be hell to a ghost that constantly bugs people .

    Source(s): OM
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    I will fukn pound on any ghost that comes near me. I let them know OFF HAND that I do not like them here at my home. I show them that they are just a nuisance to me. AMEN.......

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