Could you, explain the "chalta hai" attitude in India?

What makes indians in india, have this attitude? What would this contribute to? Being an Indian of India, how do you relate to this attitude? Does it affect you in negative ways, if so why not change?

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    How to explain chalta hai...Literally translated, it means 'it walks', but the real meaning is 'it's ok'. basically this means "brushing off things like rules because people think they don't matter"

    chalta hai... this is a very very relevant question! It is the root of every single problem in india. If traffic rules are being broken, then chalta hai. If politicians are becoming corrupt, toh chalta hai.

    Sometimes we ourselves do this. If you're a driver, you curse the people jaywalking and not following traffic rules, but if you're a pedestrian then you curse the drivers. basically, many of us are hypocrites, cursing those who break rules, but breaking them ourselves.

    Definitely it affects us in negative ways - I think the main root to all the problems in india, along with poverty and illiteracy, is this attitude of the people.

    We should definitely try to change it, as it is a barrier in the progress of india.

    And how to change it... that can only be done by changing the mindset of the public, and bringing some sence of discipline and civilian duty in people's lives.

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    Chalta Hai

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    It seems that it is a passive mindset which allows a great deal of corruption, while discouraging initiative.

    Sadly, a passive society allows daily village civilization to not evolve from water buffalo and wooden plow agriculture.

    It promotes ancient and wrong caste ideals.

    It means that as long as women are treated poorly India will never be able to succeed. Children learn from their mothers. If their mothers have been beaten down into passivity, then the children will learn that.

    India can t enter into a full worldwide partnership without leaving chalta hai far far behind.

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    I find it very hard 2 swallow it myself. Whenever I visit India I feel things progressin but basic lazy n lame excuse makin attitudes stayin unchanged. I guess u can pin it down 2 centuries old tradition of bein tolerant n passin the buck.

    It is our responsibility 2 be patient n civil whether v r waitin in a queue or bein honked at by some1 behind us. Just imagine that the initiative lies on u. Don't get sucked in2 this vicious cycle of one upmanship, stick up 4 those who r bein punished for they do not have CONTACTS.

    On the other hand v shud inculculate respect of law in our culture coz as long as ppl know they can overcome law they wud keep Mera Bharat Pareshaan rather than Mahaan.

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  • 1 decade ago

    explain chalta hai then i will be able to tell u why.

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    1 decade ago

    you mean kind of like having a nonchalant or passive perspective?

    I guess the same reason why other pple do, because they don't care or either they don't expect much.

    I'm not trying to mean,I guess I am trying to understand it as you.

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    if everything is in your favour u would say it .

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    your question is not correct

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    what is "chalta hai", please?


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