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What is Siphonogamy?

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    Siphonogamy: A reproductive process in seed plants in which a pollen tube carries the sperm cells to the egg located within the integumented megasporangium.

    Siphonogamy (sl-jo-nog'a-rni], a condition in plants in which pollen-tubes are developed for the transfer of the male cells to the eggs. The seed-plants are siphonogamous; while in the lower plants the male cells usually swim to the eggs. As a consequence, the Spermatophytes are called Siphonogams by some botanists.

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    Siphonogamy: Plant reproduction in which a pollen tube grows to enable male gametes to pass to the ovary without leaving the protection of the plant.

    Siphonogamous reproduction is found in all angiosperms and most gymnosperms, and has enabled these plants to reduce their dependency on wet conditions for reproduction, unlike the zoidogamous plants .

    Zoidogamy is a type of plant reproduction in which male gametes (antherozoids) swim in a film of water to the female gametes. Zoidogamy is found in algae, bryophytes, pteridophytes, and some gymnosperms (others use siphonogamy). Zoidogamy is interesting evolutionary, as it provides a pathway from wind-borne and similar mechanisms to fluid-based mechanisms used in most animals.

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    In botany it is delivery of gametes to the egg cell via a pollen tube.

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    Siphonogamy: the process of getting a sperm to an egg without water

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