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norton anti virus or mcafee?

i'm not very good with this kind of stuff, but i just bought a new sony vaio ($1300) and i really don't want to risk anything happening to it, so i need to know which is better, norton or mcafee? i know norton is realllyyy good but a lot of people say it slows down your computer a lot, does mcafee do the same? which one is the best? and do they have similar prices?


okay well now i'm thinking AVG since a lot of people recommend it, but if anyones wondering, the only thing i do on this computer which would be considered risky is that i download songs off limewire, that's why i need a good anti virus.

Update 2:

ALSO can i get two anti virus softwares? like if i download avg but i also go out an buy mcafee is that okay? will it protect my comp more?

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    McAfee Slow down the computer too. First, my uncle said to me to buy the McAfee. My parents bought it. Then my computer started to running very slow. It takes more time for start up your computer. By the way, it protects everything. You should buy the Norton 360. It is faster than the McAfee. I uninstalled McAfee. Now, I have Norton 360. It protect's everything. It has all. But it cost a little bit more. So, you downlaod this free Grisoft virus software. You can use this free antivirus edition. It's Faster than these 2. Buy Norton 360. It protect's everything.

    Have a good day with your computer!

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    I say neither. Norton isn't all that good, and in many respects, neither is McAfee. Both will slow your computer and both are difficult to completely uninstall later, if you wish to switch to something else.

    I recommend to clients for their personal use:

    One firewall (free for personal use: Zone Alarm or Comodo; google both, make your choice, do not rely on the Windows personal firewall).

    One anti-virus (oh, you will get a lot of heat on this question, with little light): I use and recommend AVG Free. There are others that are good, but my own experience is that AVG Free is good enough...(unless you do a fair bit of risky surfing)...and easier to use than nearest-performance competitors.

    Some spyware protection (the free for personal use versions require that you update and scan manually; won't schedule scans or automatically check for updates). I use Ad Aware, Spybot and SuperAntispyware (and often I do not recommend the latter to some clients, because indiscriminate or careless use might cause a problem). AVG also makes good spyware protection software.

    I also use CCleaner to clean my hard drive...and recommend its use only with care to those not technically inclined. (You can use Windows disk cleaner.)

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    Holy Anti-Virus ! Now none of the answers have

    any thumbs up . So how does one truly decide ?

    I use Norton and yes it does seem to slow down my computer a lot at start up . I am guessing it checks everything

    at start up , is this correct ? Isn't that a good thing ?

    Still I personally wish it could do that without

    slowing down the start up process .

    I do know I have had no problems other than the slow start up . After that its quick as can be for high speed/cable .

    No complaints there.

    As far as automatic up dates isn't that a good thing to?

    With all the crazy people out there trying to mess things up you need all the protection you can get right ?

    Kinda like you gotta have gas for your car to get places . The farther you drive the more gas and maintenance right ?

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    I've had McAfee for 8 months and nothing ever happened to my computer. I've never tried Norton Anti Virus so I don't know how good it is. Most of the people I know have McAfee so I'm guessing it's a good anti virus. Go with McAfee.

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    I like AVG. There is a free version I use on two out of three of our computers. It has been really good. You have to download updates every day, but you choose the time. The scan, which you also choose, takes about 45 minutes and you can shrink it and keep on doing what you're doing . It has worked very well. I also use SpyBot, which is also free. I have lots fewer problems now that we use these free versions. I heard about them on Kim Komando's radio show on computer and tech stuff.

    If you are going to pay for anti-virus, think of buying AVG. It is superior to the others.

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    McAfee Total Protection or McAfee Internet Security. No Norton.

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    Okay, first of all. NEITHER! They are both the devil! I work with computers and have a computer programmer friend and know neither of them are good.

    Norton: Lags your computer horribly, updates automatically and basically ruins your computer.

    McAfee: Ruins your computer, can't get the dang program off!

    So, I will direct you to the best program out there! Many fortune 500 companies use this program on their computers. It's called CA Virus Protection. Here are some facts:

    Up to $1,500 Protection

    Protects up to 3 PC's

    Detects 100% of viruses

    Scans emails automatically

    Defends against emerging viruses

    Protects files, downloads and attachments

    Anti-virus software Certified by Virus Bulletin


    It's a wonderful program! Never had a problem with it! I highly suggest this program if you truly wish to protect your computer and not ruin it.

    AVG Free is a good program, along with Spybot Search & Destroy and AdAware-SE. But I'm guessing you want a top of the line virus protection for your computer. I would suggest getting Spybot S&D and AdAware-SE along with CA.

    Spybot S&D Website:


    Hope this helps! Peace!

    Source(s): Here is the website for CA!
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    i take it you have windows vista (since you say it's a new comp)?

    i'd probably recommend avast (as well as the others). all you have to do is register it, and you can have it for free for a year (for evaluation). should you consider buying it, it's not that expensive.

    anti-spyware, i'd recommend ad-aware (as others have mentioned). alot of the programs (antispyware, etc.) that i have, don't say they work with vista yet. i normally use spyware blaster, spybot search & destroy, etc. (i'm just not sure about vista)

    since you are using limewire, i'd recommend purchasing ad-aware (since the free version isn't real time, you have to initiate scans afterwards), or another decent anti-spyware program.

    since i have dsl, i use those programs (computer associates antivirus) for free, and i use avast, etc., on other comps (friends), that don't have any antivirus programs.

    fyi, since i just bought another comp (not that i needed another one, but the sale was too good to pass up), that is vista, i'm going to find out what all is available for vista. g/l on whatever you decide, sos

    oops, i also normally use zone alarm firewall (which you can use for free), just not sure about vista

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    I personal prefer Norton Antivirus, probable slow down the computer a little bit but I now that my computer is secured.

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