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hey friends do you watch dil mil gaye?? plz tell me what is the real name of riddhima and armaan??

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    after lot of search and research, here i got sumthing 4 u, might help u out...

    Dr. Armaan Mallik - Karan Grover

    Dr. Riddhima Gupta - Shilpa Anand

    Dr. Anjali Gupta - Sunaina Gulia

    Dr. Atul Joshi - Pankitt Thakkar

    Dr. Sapna Shah - Muskaan Mehani

    i have also gotta an interesting interview 4 u 2 read and enjoy. after all, me too is a gr8 fan of the show.

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    Armaan's name is Karan Grover & Riddhima's name is Shilpa Anand.

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    1 decade ago

    riddhima-Shilpa anand

    and Armaan is not karan grover but is karan singh ..........actually karan grover is the one who played arjun in saarthi

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    I watch this show and must say that this is an ultimate show. Especially Riddhima is most beautiful.

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    armaan is karan grover and riddhima is shilpa anand......

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    armaan is karan singh and ridheema(u know what,i luv her pet name-rids) is shilpa anand

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    well u r have gone crazy 4 her i knw but wake up boy shes is actress of popular soap n u r a normal guy but i think u having 23 girlsfrnds n having feeling 4 ridz u seem 2 b sum mad person on earth . its neva late wake upppppppppppppppppp

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    IDIOTS you dont know thier real names!!!!!!!!riddhima----is----------Miss [beautyful] SHILPA ANAND!!!!!!!!and armaan ------is----M.[smarty] KARAN GROVER!!!!!!!!!

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    I Like both Armaan and Ridhima,Ridhima coz she is really lovely and innocent, Armaan coz of his cheekiness and charm and bottomline is that they are both goodhearted. I just hope that they maintain a good balance between emotional stuff and humour.

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