Why are people who don't agree with homosexuality but yet do not fear homosexuals are called homophobic?

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    Homophobia (from Greek ὁμο homo(sexual), "same, equal" + φοβία (phobia), "fear", literally "fear of the same") is the fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. Several dictionaries also associate irrationality with this type of fear. It can also mean hatred, hostility, disapproval of, or prejudice towards homosexual people, sexual behavior, or cultures, and is generally used to insinuate bigotry.

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    Because that's just the vernacular term that has evolved to describe bigotry against queer people.

    Yes, "phobic" technically means "fear." And just going by the root words used "homophobic" technically would literally mean "fear of the same." While we're at it, even words like "homosexual" and "heterosexual" are nonsensical, since they're a mix of Greek and Latin roots.

    But all words are more than the sum of their parts, and in modern English the definition of "homophobic" goes beyond indicating pathalogical fear of gay people (though it can indicate that in certain circumstances) and can refer to general bigotry.

    If you want more exact terms, try "heterosexist." Or "heterosexual supremacist."

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    If you look up the term, "Homophobic", in any dictionary the definition is the fear and prejudice of homosexuals.

    But in saying that I would think the are afraid not of homosexuals but of the concept of their being homosexuals. People fear what they don't understand, they just don't necessarily express it as fear.

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    definite. i'm happy which you're open and prepared to talk this rather and rationally. i in my opinion am. yet once you willingly and consciously say that somebody else's very valid and healthful existence form is incorrect (or which you "do no longer accept as true with it", despite, comparable difficulty) then you definately are being homophobic. fairly, there is no longer something to unlike concerning the gay existence form. that's precisely the comparable as heterosexual, purely that the two companions have the comparable gender. that's fairly no longer a huge deal. you're able to easily attempt to be accepting and get to correctly known some gay human beings and you will are conscious of that's not a huge deal and that they are rather lots purely such as you and anybody else. in case you do no longer, you're fairly infringing on somebody's magnificent to stay an entire and chuffed existence. think of the golden rule in this one.

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    Ask why people disagree. Isn't the primary criteria for agreement/disagreement - how does it affect ME ?

    I'm a 44yo single guy & most of my friends are in relationships - aside from talking about children, and comments about what they are doing within their relationship - there is NOTHING in their relationship, that impacts me.

    NOTE : I did not say that all of my friends are heterosexual - what's the difference between friends who are straight & friends who are gay - nothing.

    - what logical reason can anyone have for disagreeing with the concept of homosexuality ? The only reason I can think of is that they have an irrational fear (Phobia) of homosexuality.

    People who claim they don't fear homosexuals, but disagree with the concept, are either in denial or are just trying to be PC in their bigotry.

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    Good question, lets clear this up for you.

    If you are homophobic you are indeed afraid of homosexuality, you are insecure with your own sexuality and therefore cannot understand anything that is out of the "norm" for you.

    If you dont agree with homosexuality, you are closeminded. Period.

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    If you don't agree with homosexuality, you more than likely have an aversion to homosexuality.

    Homophobia can be defined as an irrational fear or aversion to homosexuality.

    If you don't have a fear or aversion to it, I would question why in the world you don't agree with it

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    check out the definition:

    One entry found for homophobia.

    Main Entry: ho·mo·pho·bia

    Pronunciation: "hO-m&-'fO-bE-&

    Function: noun

    : irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals

    - ho·mo·pho·bic /-'fO-bik/ adjective

    edit: i see that diane beat me to the punch lol

    THAT is why you are considered homophobic

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    Homophobic - showing an irrational HATRED, disapproval, or fear of homosexuality, homosexual men and lesbians, and their culture.

  • Acorn
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    1 decade ago

    Because the suffix "phobic" doesn't only mean "irrational fear." That's the gloss translation, but it also means "irrational hatred of."

    I have an uncle who is ailurophobic -- has a "fear of cats." But he's not afraid of them -- he just hates them so much that he'll kick one across the room if he sees one. It's not rational. It's just a quirk of his personality

    Same with homophobes: it's not the fear -- it's the irrational hatred.

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