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Fake life #1 and Fake life # 2?

Fake life # 1 is the dream:

If you are sleeping and you dreamnt you are falling off a mountain then you wake up realizing it was a dream?

Fake life #2 :

In our real life if i am walking on the street and I get hit by a truck what happens to me? Do I die or will somebody wake up fromt the nightmare? Who is that someone?( who I am)

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    Maybe you exist in someone else's reality and whether you live or die is up to them? Perhaps you're still asleep and witness your fake death in the dream only to wake up once more and realize it was a dream? Or maybe there is nothing out there and dead is dead. You could dance around these concepts all day!

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    I can't answer the question because I feel that the concept you are leaning on is make believe. I believe that we have dreams but I do not believe in dreams.

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    I won't do a fake life...ever

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