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I want to use Herbalife for Weight loss? Anyone has used Herbalife?How much you weight you lost from Herbalife

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    Dear Sapna, My name is Ehsan, I am from Bangalore. I using from past 8 years. First I used for Weight loss, I lost 5 kgs in two months,now I am using it for Good health. My wife is using Herbalife from past 4years she doind great. She used Herbalife Nutrition at the time of Her pregnancy and Her haemoglobin was 11.5 in the all three semester. My son was 3.6kgs when he borned.It is absolutly same. If you want more Information please log on to and see the vedio over there or visit

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    . This 6 mins Video shows about the Study conducted by Appolo Hospital Chennai Herbalife Products how it works on overweight people. If you want more information please contact me at or log on or call me on +919880595504

    Source(s): I am a personal Wellness coach and Herbalife Independant Distributor from Bangalore.
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    I've tried so many different diets in the last 10 years that I can say now, they don't work!

    A few months ago, I came across a great product for weight loss and like many others I was skeptical about it. But I really wanted to lose weight and I tried it. The results were excellent and I lost 20 pounds in 2 months. I felt fantastic and I dropped another 5 pounds safely. That's why I recommend you check this product at where they have a free trial and you only pay 5.49$ shipping and handling.

    Good luck!

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    I used it, lost 18 kgs and 30 inches in 6 months. My husband used it lost 15 kgs in 5 months. We are giving to our kids. It is great go and use it. You going to lose weight for the last time.

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    herbalife is working for me I lost over 18lbs. I make a great income from home & eat a full nutrtional meal from myself.I love the freedom to do business in over 80 countries world wide this site can show you how. If you want to lose weight, gain weight, Feel great, energetic & confident about your over all health herbalife has it . visit you can even talk to someone if you need to 24/7

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    My wife using it and lost amazing 17 kgs and she got great figure now after Two kids. She is more active now than before.

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    dear sapna,

    never heard about this herbalife. one thing for sure my friend, these days lots of herbal medicines are available on drugstores and in grey market. pls make sure that, it has no side effects, coz, these days even herbal medicines contains chemicals, which is harmful to your body. i am not giving you mere advise my friend, i can give you a suggestion. my aunty used it successfully .ok here it is, take a spoon of honey,mix it with a glass of luke warm water and drink it every morning. remember, your stomach should be empty. it will do magic for you.

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    I am using it from past1 week and I have allready lost 1 kgs and few cms. Wow

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    never used it but be careful alot of those when you quit taking them you put more weight on and faster.

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    50 minutes of shoveling snow

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    Go for kettlebell workouts to burn more calories in less time

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