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Missing Teenager, what else can I do?

Ok i've emailed every local news station, contacted the police, posted flyers, put an ad out on craig list. What else can I do to help my best friend find her step daughter who went missing yesterday. We think she took off with this 40 year old man she's been having a relationship with (we just found yesterday). When her dad was going to go pick her up to take her to the police station to file a statutory rape charge she took off can't find her now...what else would you do. We contacted all her friends on myspace also...


She's 16 by the way and courage your an idiot!

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    I hope you had some leads on the 40yo man to give to the police (name, area he lives, etc). This would make all the difference in finding her unless this guy lives off the grid.

    She should be considered an "at risk" runaway under these circumstances. Which means more resources will be allocated to find her.

    Good luck.

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    Well now that it's been 24 hours, I would guess that contacting the police again and asking for an amber alert would be a good place to start.

    Do you know anything about this guy? Any chance there's a picture anywhere? Do you know what he looks like or have his name? If he's fooling around with a kid he may be on the local sex offender's website...if you can find him there you may be able to post flyers in his neighborhood (that will be on the website) That may also get the cops off their butts.

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    Stay close to her friends. They are most likely to hear from her and will have more information. Make sure that you are in no way hostile towards her or tell her about the terrible mistake she is making. That will likely only push her away. Let her know you want to see her though so that you guys can talk about it. When that happens, nab her, and have an intervention of sorts until she gives up the pedophile. Once you find him, break both of his legs, or, call the police.

    There should be phone records (especially on her cell phone) that will indicate who this guy is. Also check her email if at all possible. Find the pedophile and you will find her. Look into the sex offender registry. Chances are this guy lives nearby and has struck before. There will most likely only be about 5 to 10 sex offenders in your area, take note of their names and look for clues in your daughter's emails/phone bills that make a connection.

    If he is local, chances are she isn't far and is staying at his house. When you catch up to him, he should be dealt with VERY harshly.

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    well i would keep contacing anybody and everybody, she is out there and im sure that you can find her. keep intouch with her myspace friends and even ask a friend to see when shes last logged onto myspace (it says it right by her photo), just make sure that if you logged on to her myspace to talk to her friends that you remember the date of when you did i so that you dont get the dates mixed up. that will ensure you that she is ok, but dont freak out if it hasnt been for a while she might not be around computers.

    also you can go to her school if she is still like in high schol or maybe college (idk) and ask around there with those people

    BEST OF LUCK!!!!!


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    You are doing everything right. Don't stop. Keep calling the police to check their progress. Go to the police station everyday if you have to. Ask the media to help with leads by giving them a picture of her and a description of the man, his car, his home, hid dog or family....anything you know about him can help to find them.

    You are doing all you can. But KEEP doing it.

    Good luck to you and hug your friend for me.

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    honestly, i dk but this a serious matter and i think 'courage' or watever was really rude about it.. all i can say is to contact the police again, and send out flyers everywhere!!

    sorry im not of much help

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    How old is she!

    If she is under 18, then the law should be taking care of things, and in a few days you can get out a amber alert for her.

  • It sounds like you are doing all you can. Put in a missing police report and give them any information you can on the man.

    I will be praying for her safe return.

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    Have her computer analysted and find out where this man lives and send the police there.

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