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Turtle Care Advice?

I have a painted turtle. I was wondering if it would be beneficial to get him a night glow light as well as his sun glow light he has during the day. I have been turning the sun light off when it's nighttime and turning it on again in the morning. I just wasn't sure if he needed a nighttime light as well.

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    I don't think you HAVE to... but I have read that it is good for there shells because it acts like the moon light which provides different types of light rays which helps the shell...

    (I don't use one on my turtle)

    Source(s): I have a Red Eared Slider.
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    You might not know this but you witnessed an illegal crime being commited and they are nothing but criminals for selling these poor newborn turtles. And when i say newborn i mean it, they were probably born a few days ago, God the poor things. And i am also very ashamed of you for buying the baby turtle and not wven knowing how to take care of the poor thing. When i say this, i mean it 1,000,000%, their supplies cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars more than the turtle itself!!!!!! Well just taking care of turtles is extremely difficult for a LOT of people because they are VERY high maintenence, no joke. But if you are responsible enough, this is a RES setup.they are very high maintenence and hard to take care of.first read all of this and see if you have this setup, it costs at least $300, and is a regular setup. ************ This is a setup for a red eared slider the most common type of turtle, they get up to 12 inches, but you will see them as babies at a store commonly, so know that they will grow very big************** You will need to get a 50 gallon starter tank and upgrade to a 75 gallon later on when your turtle is over 6 inches...If you can not get that big of a tank right now then for now you can use a huge rubbermaid container filled up with clean warm water 5/6 of the way. The water should be 75-82F, that can be achieved by buying a water heater at the petstore, along with a water filter. Water filters that are best are canister filters, like the Rena xp3 filter which costs $200, but filters very well. Do buy a filter please, even a cheap one at $25, is better then none at all, since turtles are extremely messy and poop-ful (haha). The bottom of the tank should be bare, no gravel because they could choke on that mistaking it for food. On top of the water you need 3 things, 1. a basking dock ( buy a large size zoomed basking dock). 2. you 100% need to buy a basking lamp+bulb, you buy them separatly, then screw the bulb in ( 50 watts) and shine it on the basking dock over a mesh hood( cut a hole out of it and place the light there!). 3. This is very important, you need a uvb light. It is a long thin light, you need to get the actual lamp+ the long skinny bulb. Reptosun 5.0 is the best bulb( together costs $55). Shine that onto the basking dock as well. Turtles need these together because they use the uva for heat, so they stay warm ( the basking site should be 90-95F, not colder) and they need the uvb rays to metabolize calcium and vitamin d3 for a stronger shell ( like you need it for your bones!) The diet for the turtle should be reptomin pellets ( and other nutricuos pellets!) crickets, mealworms, bloodworms, shrimp, and krill. All of this is found dead at the petstore!;) They also need vegetation, get kale, mustard greens, romaine lettuce, and collard greens. Drop all of the food in the tank once a day, and remove any leftover bits after a few hours. By the way ALL of the protien food ( dead food, that was alive once) should be dusted with a calcium supplement ( powder) and you need to get a cuttlebone found in the bird aisle of the petstore and drop it in the water for him to knaw on, keep it there for a while (month) until he eats all of it, then get another. Once all of these things are done your turtle will be pretty happy!

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    no, he'll be fine without a night light. painted turtles have survived in the wild for thousands of years after the sun goes down.

    the only reason i could think you would want to do this is if your turtle shows signs of vitamin deficiency, but your vet would tell you how to care for him differently if this was the case.

    if you are concerned about the temperature, the water heater is enough for them. if they are cold, they go in the water.

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    i dont use one for my turtles. i have a heater on at night on the lowest possible setting and the daytime they have the basking light. as for other turtle care advice, its good to use the turtle pellets along with live food and lettuce. My turtle for some reason will not eat fish but is obsessed with crickets. and the pellets have the vitamins they need.

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    No, turtles need a temperature drop at night and a day/night cycle to be healthy. You do need a UVB bulb if you don't have one and a heat bulb that keeps the basking area in the high 80's- low 90's during the day.

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    you don't need it, unless the temps at night are really cold. I have three turtles and I don't have night lights for any of them. Why spend the money on something you don't need?

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    No he does not need a night light.

    Source(s): I have 3 turtles.
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    no you do not need a night light.but you need alot of water for him to swim,and something for him to lie on under the heat lamp,they sell floating rocks at the pet store. they love live fish also.

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    nope you dont need it but they do recomed it i dont have one all i have is a daytime light and my turtles are very active

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