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Women's rights!!!?

What do you think of this article?

Women: India's Hidden Shame

India is a fast growing economic power. But in many areas, we fall behind the rest of the world. In some areas, far worse than others. There are things we should be proud of as a society, and things that we are blind to, shameful things.

For instance: in a recent article published in the Delhi Times, ("Indian Women Among Worse Off In Rights Fight) the World Health Organization states that 69.8% of Indian women endure domestic abuse at the hands of their husbands or loved ones.

Other interesting and undeniable data: In a worldwide ranking of women's rights, the top five nations were Denmark, Sweden, Australia, United States, and United Kingdom. Unfortunately for Indians, they ranked almost dead last, the bottom five being India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Sierra Lione.

Real world disparities still exist in India as well, such as the income gap. The average Indian women earns just 52% as much as the average Indian male. But even this fact doesn't cover the broadest aspect of Indian life: the day to day treatment of women in their own homes all over India. Ok so maybe he doesn't hit you (yet) but in a survey of 6,500 women in cities across India, conducted by the Indian Women's Rights Institute, roughly 89% of Indian women reported sexual, verbal, or physical assaults happening in the home. 54% said it happened repeatedly, or on a regular basis.

The author of the study, Indrakshi Priyadarshini, who has earned a Ph.D at Harvard University and currently serves as a fellow at JNU, asserts that a lot of India's problems stem from the culture of arranged marriage.

"While many Indians defend arranged marriage as the most successful, citing the low divorce rate, most do not realize what a false assumption this is. A much better and more fair measurement would be the happiness, physical health, and partner satisfaction of both parties within the marriage. In this, traditional Indian arranged marriages fail miserably." So miserably, in fact, that a majority of Indians surveyed across the country conclude that if they could, they would choose a different spouse. But the gender gap doesn't stop there.

"All in all," adds Priyadarshini, "Men are much more likely to benefit from an arranged marriage scenario. They don't have to worry about their own personal problems, because they know that those problems will not hurt their chances at marrying. Therefore, there is no impetus for positive change." Priyadarshini theorizes that, since women are raised to obey and never to think of divorce, Indian men take advantage of this fact and engage in all sorts of behaviors that would be shocking to the rest of the world. In short, they have the freedom to do as they wish, because there is no check, or negative consequence in place.

To bolster her assertion, Priyadarshini lists yet more revealing numbers: out of 532,000 random respondants, polled in cities nationwide, 72% of Indian men reported that they were somewhat, or very satisfied with their married life. Contrast this to Indian women- only 22% reported they were satisfied. A whopping 61.4% said that they would not have married the same person if given a choice now.

When confronted with facts like these, I often hear people say, "Well India had the world's first female prime minister!" But what good does a female prime minister do if millions of women are being assaulted daily in their own homes? If a woman can't be paid the same as a gent, if a woman's life isn't worth as much in our society?

There is an old quote that says, "India: love it or leave it."

I say, "India: Love it and change it!"

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    Good one,i liked the last sentence,change should be carried from inside.

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    How about all them are equally important to society. Homosexuals should have the right to make their unions legal and offical infront of everyone. Blacks have the right to be treated equal in society without having to go to this extent. Women have rights too that need to be address.

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    i agree with you but all women's faults,they like to complain and get sympathy from other people.they don't want fight for themselves,they don't want work like women does in other country like u s ,u k.they need to change with time,old time is diff rent story,when one man work and 10 people eat and enjoy life,every one saying India moving forward,but not all the way,specially women.even they educated,simply 10 to 7 don't like to work just cook ,clean and make babies.but still i say,"India:love it and change it"so many thing just on paper reality is total diff rent.

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