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Rat traps that are safe for animals?

I have this mouse in my apartment. I also have two young puppies (eight months). I want to set a trap or poison or something, but I don't want it to harm my pets. Is there some kind of organic something I can use?

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    There is a product called Mouse Cubes - basically a rectangular plastic box @ 8''long & maybe 11/2" high and deep. You put the bait inside like peanut butter on a cracker. The mouse goes in but the little door opens only one way so it can't get out. The pooches can't get in it and there is nothing to hurt them if they find it or pick it up. If you catch a mouse you can take it outdoors and let it go or just let it croak in the trap and throw the whole thing away.

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    I know nobody wants to take care of a dead rat, so heres what I would do: go ionto the room where you last saw the rat. Stack up some books or something like stairs, then lean a metal trash can on the last one. make a trail of food,with a lot of food at the bottom of the trash can. The mouse climbs up the "steps" falls into the trash can, you pick up the trash can and let the mouse go by somebody you really dont like. or just let it go in your backyard. The first option is waaaaaaay kmore fun though. I know from experience.

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    There are those enclosed traps that are basically a covered disk that the mouse goes in, and it kills them in there. No pets can get into it and it has no poison involved. It's made by Raid I believe. You can find it just about anywhere that carries traps.

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    You best forget about poison and set a MOUSE trap if it's a mouse somewhere the pups can't get access to it and mice can.If it's a rat you certainly have a major problem.

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    as long as you do no longer carry it or attempt to feed it, it may be ok. it must be risky in case you attempt to make touch with it through fact if it bites you and it has a disease, you will possibly get it as nicely. Now, for the rat's wellness, in case you seize one you ought to not save it for an prolonged quantity of time and enable it pass through fact it might adapt to being held in captivity and forget approximately a thank you to seek. You in no way understand if the rat's organic instinct might kick in and he might have the skill to proceed to exist on his very own lower back. you ought to appropriate launch it via putting out the cage and intently tipping the cage over yet to no longer the place he will fall to his doom and die. And please, when you cope with the rat, wash your hannddssssss. particularly formerly ingesting^^ desire this permits slightly

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    yes, we used this trap when our pet hampsters got out of their cage. its basicly a box, with a flap made so the animal cant get back out, one way u can get ur mouse in it is putting seeds, nuts, cheese...ect. its the same thing that zac's 5th said. but i wouldnt throw the mouse away like he said.

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    try to get your puppies to get it. Or, to be nice to the mouse, pick it up, with hand covering so it doesn't bite you, and let it free.

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