Computer processor?

Which one is the fastest computer processor?

Intel Core 2 Duo Quad Extreme, AMD Athlon 64 X2, or AMD Athlon Quad core?


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    Depends on what a person would be doing? For gaming purposes, I think maybe the AMD Quad Core would be better for gaming, not necessarily faster though. If interested in buying for gaming purposes though I would still buy an Intel. AMD has kinda lost it over the past 2 years and been going down hill since then in my opinion. Intel has such big plans for the next 2 years at that and AMD doesn't look very promising for that time period either.

    I do a lot of gaming and have had both AMD systems and Intel and in the time periods have come to the conclusion that more software and games work better with Intel. I have an AMD system with an ATI video card now and wish I would have stuck with Intel and Nvidia for the video card. Most game designers I believe test on Intel based systems with Nvidia graphics card.

    Oh, just to let you know as of right now AMD only offers the "F" motherboards which 2 dual core processors(FX processors also known as the 2x4's) is what it is called and used more for server applications than anything else.

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    You need to specify the GHz. I have a dual core amd athlon 64, but I would much prefer a quad core. I'd go with the intel. I think they are better as of now. Just make sure that your motherboard is compatible if you are purchasing this processor separately from the computer.

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    Well they all offer so great aspects to computing. Intel does not have a true quad core cpu. As I mean true, intel put 2 core 2 duo chips on the same die. Which makes it seem like and act like a quad core. Now AMD is putting 4 cores on the same chip so in will be a true quad core and be slightly faster than Intel. But Intel has less heat than AMD until AMD can get below the 65nm range they will be slightly hotter which is not that big if you have enough cooling. I have 2 64 X2 (3.2GHz ) on the same motherboard OC'ed to 4.26GHz each and running 4gb of ram and my CPU range from 43c-51c (109f-124f) which is well within range for AMD they usually start having problems around 175f and up. I have 2 mass cool fans, 750w PSU (2-120mm fans) with 2-120mm case fans and it is extremely cool inside vs other computers I have built and seen. Thanks

    Source(s): 15yrs of computer rebuilding and networking
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    1 decade ago

    The intel chip, and the AMD quad core are nearly equal. The best tho would most likely be the Intel, because of the software compatibility.

    The 64 x2 is simply a 64 bit chip, but only has 2 proccesors and isnt quad core.

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  • 1 decade ago

    They are almost on par with each other. back in the day Athlon was a bit better. But Intell came back and made better equipments. The opinions are diffrent. Some people say Athlon and some say intell. That is because in terms of quality and work they are almost as good.

    However most companies work with Intell. So with intell you will get faster updates and are less likely to encounter incompatibility problems. And if you do , you will most likely get a broader help.

    Go with intell. Its easier to work with. I also have had both. In terms quality they are the same ( i am an extreme gamer so i know) but in terms of other things ( software incompatibility and such), intell wins.

    I hope this help. Good luck picking.

  • 1 decade ago

    Intel's processors are proven better at the moment. I have heard this from many resources, and also if you notice in most ratings for computers the top rated use Intel Core 2 Duo Quad Extreme chips.

  • Crysis
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    1 decade ago

    Haha there is no such thing as AMD athlon quad core... but there is AMD Opteron quad core

    Core 2 Quad Extreme is the best

    If you are ever going to buy one, don't get it. It costs over $1000 just for the processor alone. Don't get it unless your a hardcore gamer.

  • 4 years ago

    The absolute fastest processor on the market right now is the Core i7 980X. However it is also EXTREMELY expensive - the entire i7 line is. My favorite company would actually be AMD, not Intel. If you want top performance I recommend the AMD Phenom II - it is very powerful but a lot cheaper than the i7. As a general rule you want to get as many cores as you can - ghz used to be important but no as uch any more. get as many cores as possible.

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    Check the chart I linked to.

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