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Why did the Virgin Mary quit going to Conyers, Georgia?

What was that whole phenomenon about. My intro to the whole thing is that I used to book rooms for people their a 1-800 2Ramada. Otherwise, I never would have known about

I saw a thing on T.V. about using computer kiosks to order food in fast food places in Conyers, Ga. I got curious about the apparition phenomenon again and checked it out. I found a really slick website that said: "Mary appeared on the 13th of every month from 1990 to 1998." They said it was a holy place and pilgrims still go there.


Sorry. Should read: I used to book rooms for people there at 1-800-2Ramada.

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    Why don't you ask her yourself?

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    I guess she got tired of the place and wanted to hang out somewhere else. No offence to Conyers, but she has the whole world to choose from and there are plenty of other holy places where she has been seen.

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    Medjugorje is the most important apparition today, applies to all of mankind, and is the fulfillment of the third part of the secret of Fatima.

    Through her twice monthly messages, our Blessed Mother Mary is leading us to God.

    And through our prayers and obedience she can one day save mankind, vanquish heresy and evil, and bring mankind a beautiful period of peace.

    This is to occur in the near future.

    Otherwise, unspeakable horrors for many of us and much of the world.

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    Maybe it wasn't legitimate...

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