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Wath does this religious symbol mean...8========D??

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    its the sex religions symbol. so is (())


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    The most famous, well recongnize symbols are symbols that have to do with politics, and the material we use everyday. Like the United Nations emblem, the Nazi symsol, the USA seal, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Acer, McDonalds, KFC, Toshiba, Sony, and stuff along that line. Hope this helps!!!

  • The religious symbol of Masculinity I think.


  • It means some people are not created in God's image.


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    I don't know as a religious symbol...but it looks like someone took too many steroids and their nads shriveled up.

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    It's a sideways Shiva-Lingham.

    I think it's proper to respond with a yonic symbol.


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    Ah go on, tell us wath.

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    It means this question isn't going to be around long

  • Anonymous
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    12 minutes and no deletion... I guess the "Mad People" are on their lunch break.

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    This still hasn't been deleted? *screenie* Star!!

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