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How to travel with a pregnant cat?

Moving to Queensland

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    If you MUST travel with her...Crate her. Never leave an animal free to roam in a moving vehicle, she can get down near the peddles and cause an accident, or if you're in an accident she can go flying. Very dangerous.

    Just give her a crate big enough that she stretch out in it, her favorite toy, and a blanket or towel. Get her used to the crate by leaving it open with that stuff inside for at least a couple days. Try to get her used to the car too, take her for little trips around the the block, crated.

    During the trip, take a break every couple hours so she can eat & drink something. Take her for a little walk, on a harness so she can potty. Get her used to the harness too cuz you don't want her to take off.

    All that said, unless this early in the pregnancy you really should hold off until she has her kittens and they're a couple weeks old. This will be very stressful her and it's best not to put her through it.

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    Just use common sense. Get a crate that is just big enough for her to be comfortable lying down and make sure you can keep it stable in your vehicle. Be prepared to take along a litter box for use in the car and don't let her out of the crate unless all windows are up and doors securely shut. Make sure she gets food and water breaks too although you may find that she won't eat much.

    Don't stress her out by taking her in the car or putting her in the crate before you go. The trip will be stress enough. And once you get to your destination, be sure to keep her inside and watch carefully so she doesn't get out - at least until she feels really comfortable in the new digs and maybe until well after she has her kittens.

    Good luck on your move!! I moved with my half-siamese in a loaded car over a twelve hour ride. You have my sympathy!

    And please get her spayed after this batch of kittens. There are far too many unwanted, unloved homeless animals in the world already. I adopted one two weeks ago and wished I could take two others I saw and there were plenty more I didn't see.

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    Keep her on your lap while travelling till the end of journey. Take usual vetenery medicines for pregnant cats with you.

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    they are only pregnant for 9 weeks,, either wait, or put it in a crate

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    you should have thought about that before you allowed your cat to get pregnant.

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