sloppy joes?

they're good, aren't they? we had them for dinner tonite and i got to wondering. does anyone know how and when did they originated and where the name come from?

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    The origins of this dish are unknown, but recipes for the dish date back at least to the 1940s. It dates in print to 1935. There is probably no Joe after whom it is named--but its rather messy appearance and tendency to drip off plate or roll makes "sloppy" an adequate description, and "Joe" is an American name of proletarian character and unassailable genuineness. There are many individual and regional variations on the dish.


    When the father of the wife bit into it, he commented, "this is a bit sloppy, Joe" From then on, ground meat (hopefully not human) plus Joe's special sauce came to be known as Slopy Joe. It became to be so popular, that the man made millions from his invention, and only let its muderous origin be known on his deathbed."

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    the wonderful sloppy joes are those you get in grade college. i'm forty seven so this is annoying for me to get a sturdy sloppy joe at present. I even have been kicked out of such a good form of faculties this year.

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    Great question!. Not sure, but they are popular in Key West Florida. There is a bar named Sloppy Joes with Ernest Hemingway's likeness.

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