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A city break anywhere in Europe?

Can anyone recommend a nice city break in Europe for yourself and a partner? UK or the rest of Europe, I don't mind. It'll be around mid May time so please consider the weather, I'd like it to not be raining lol

It preferably can't be over £500 for the both of us.

I don't mind if it's for the weekend or in the week.

So any recommendations at all? Along with website names please?

Thanks for all the help :)

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    ill rate the cities i have been to out of 10 for a city break. copenhagen 7 hamburg 6 berlin 6 warsaw 2 krakow 10 budapest 8 vienna 6 venice 10 rome 7 pisa 5 genova 5 geneva 6 paris 8 amsterdam 8 brussells 6 dublin 7 london 6 prague 10 barcelona 6.

    the best cities ive been to and really enjoyed are prague, krakow, and vienna. i think these are the best for city breaks- vienna will be more expensive when you get there because krakow and prage are dirt cheap- im going to prague again this year and saying here

    ryanair, jet2 and bmi baby are the flight companies i use when i fly abroad.

    if you go to krakow you can make a day trip to auchwitz which is interesting

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    Venice is just a glorious cliché, more romantic, more beautiful and more shocking than you may expect. Regardless of how many images or shows you may have observed, it's still a jaw-dropping knowledge seeing Venice's canals and palaces for the first time and this you would do with the help of this website hotelbye . Undoubtedly Venice's best-known church and one of the most easily acknowledged on earth is St. Mark's Basilica (Basilica di San Marco). That basilica was actually the Doge's private chapel, furnished with Byzantine art secrets which can be the main booty brought back by Venetian boats after the drop of Constantinople. The gold-backed mosaic pictures over the doorways on the façade just touch at the mosaic beauty inside, where 4,240 square yards of silver mosaics cover the walls. So, the St. Mark`s Basilica is a place worth visited.

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    Anywhere that doesn't use the Euro. Poland is cheap, Gdansk is worth a visit, meets all your criteria. Warsaw seems good to. Iceland would be dirt cheap since their economy crahsed, but not much in the way of cities, architecture or nightlife there. Copenhagen in Denmark or Oslo, Malmo, Gothenbourg or Stockholm in Sweeden would also be a good idea, although booze is pretty pricey here. You could always go closer to home, but that's not very adventurous now is it, or very cheap for that matter. Overall, I'd say Gdansk, Poland

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    Budapest is usually defined because the "Little Paris of Middle Europe" and if you wish to see this city you'll need to take a look with hotelbye . Budapest is popular not only for the monuments highlighting its 1,000-year-old lifestyle, but in addition for the relics of other people who resolved here. Remains from equally Roman occupation and significantly later ruled by the Turks can still be observed in the city. Budapest has two edges, Buda and Pest, extending over the banks of the Danube, and they are addressing two different heroes of the city. Suburban Buda and their old castle section offer medieval streets and properties, museums, caves and Roman ruins. The energetic Pest part features the biggest parliament developing in Europe, riverside promenades, flea markets, bookstores, vintage shops and café houses.

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    Siena, Italy.

    Try to stay at Hotel La Perla, right in the centre, for 70 euros a night ish for both (£50). It's a minute away from the Piazza del Campo, the main square, and 2 minutes from the Cathedral. If you're going in May, try to be there in 2nd week of may, as festival for "Oca" area, where hotel is.

    In May, it's warm, hardly any rain, and nicer than in june and july!

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    You can consider the City of Dublin.

    Dublin attractions to visit; Trinity College, National Museum of Ireland, national Gallery, Cublin Castle, Temple Bar, Christ Church Cathedral, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Guinness Storehouse, Kilmainham Gaol and Kilmainham Hospital, Phoenix Park. Some Historic buildings to visit are; Custom House, Four Courts, City Hall, Leinster House, Bank of Ireland, Marsh’s Library, Rotunda Hospital, Iveagh House, Powerscourt Townhouse. By the way, if you are bring children along to the City of Dublin, some place that are suitable for them are; The Ark, Dublinia, Dublin Zoo, My Museum, Viking Splash Tour, Wax Museum, Fry Model Railway, Kayaking, Lambert Pupprt Theatre, Gotham Café. If you want to visit some performing arts venues, you can consider, National Concert Hall, The Abbey and Peacock Theatre, The Gate Theatre, The Gaiety Theatre, The Olympia Theatre, Andrew’s Lane Theatre, Project Arts Centre, Samuel Beckett Centre, Tivoli Theatre, Focus Theatre.

    For more information on the City of Dublin, Check It Out Here!

    Here is the street map for you to locate places of interest.

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    With all sincerity you should try Valletta. Visit Great site, very nice. You can go there by means of low cost airlines and the prices in May won't be too expensive. I can guarantee that the weather will be beautiful as I know that it always is. Great places to visit. I have come to know that almost all the locals speak English as well.

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    my husband and i had the most lovely weekend away in rome. we booked really cheap flights with ryanair which cost about £150 return for both of us! then we stayed at a hotel which is also a woking monastary called domus sessoriana. it was originally aa imperial roman residence which was then trasformed into a basilica,m it is over two thousand years old!! it only cost us $75 per night and it was lovely. the rooms are clean and spacious, breakfast is really good and it is near the main train station and the underground. the website is have a look

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    Prague has been regarded as one of the very wonderful towns in the world since Middle Ages and you realize maybe not eliminate the chance to view it, with hotelbye . Adjectives such as “golden“, “city of one hundred spires“, “the top of the world“ were related to Prague and for a reason. The Historic Centre of Prague that has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1992 and with its 866 hectares is the largest historical city heart on this number on the planet and that is just one of the wonderful areas Prague must offer.

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    Capital of the Republic of Austria and certainly one of Europe's many visited towns, Vienna (Wien) owes a lot of their charm and rich record to its splendid location on the banks of the lovely Danube River. Vienna is the spot you wish to spend your holyday so add waste anytime and get more info with hotelbye . Vienna was, for ages, the gateway between West and East Europe; it was the organic nucleus of the once expansive Habsburg Empire, and to this day remains Austria's most important professional and social hub. Vienna continues to entice visitors with its several good traditional websites, in addition to because of its busy plan of functions and entertainment.

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