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I am wondering if this is possible to do? I would love to do it. Answers Appericated! Please Help!! Any Advice

I was wondering if it was possible to have a baby on a specific day and time for a personal reason? How would you do this? I would like to do this at home in a rebirthing process is that possible? How far in advance should I get pregnant in order to make sure I am able to do this? How much would it cost to do it? Would I be able to have anymore children? I am wondering what would be an 100% way to ensure that it is a boy? What would be the second best way? How much would this cost? I wanted to have my wedding and the birth of my baby in the same day. Have my wedding at night and then have my baby in the early morning and then have the reception is this to much? I am thinking about that because I will have to be flying people in and I want my son to be there. How many people are allowed to be with me when I have the baby? I want my husband to be the one to get the baby out is this possible? I want someone there only in the case of an emergency. This would be my first baby.


He died on the day that I want my baby. I am naming my baby the same name as him. It means a lot to me. I love him.

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    1. If you have a c-section you can pick the day.

    2. I dont know what re-birthing is.

    3. Most pregnancies are 9 months. You will need to identify your fertility cycle to fully plan it.

    4. Depends, natural planning you need a calander and a thermometer. 10-15 bucks all together. High tech? 2-5 K if you have insurance for the c-section.

    5. New procedure called micro-sort. Only allowed for "family balancing" i.e you have to have one child of the other sex already. 99% accurate to pick boy or girl. They centrifuge your hubby's sperm. The weight diff in chromosomes between XX and XY make it possible. Or low tech, "timing" to plan for boy involves knowing your fertile days exactly and planning sex around it.

    6. You will be too tired to have a baby then a wedding. You might be able to do a wedding then a baby if you don't mind being in labor when you say your words. You would need to deligate all the party planning to others.

    7. 2 people max. Others wait outside. Usually just one.

    8. They will let the husband "cut the cord" but usually not "catch" the baby. You could deliver at home if you want him to do it - but only if you are healthy and within a few minutes of a hospital incase of emergency.

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    The only way to 100% g'tee a boy is with genetic testing of the embryo in a lab. They then implant the male embryos back into the uterus. This "selective" breeding is illegal in many countries.

    As for having the baby on your wedding day???? umm unless you schedule a c-section there is no way to certainly have the child on that day. Your labour may start but some labours can be days long. Any actions taken to start labour, or speed it up may cause distress and harm to the child.

    Why not have a small registry office marriage (so you are married before the birth - which going by your statement of married at night birth the next day) then when you go into labour call everyone and make it a Wedding, Christening/Naming ceremony celebration for a fortnights time. You can renew your vows with all the lace and frills in front of family & friends, everyone can meet your baby and share in their christening/naming day and you and the baby haven't been put under added stress of meeting deadlines.

    FYI only something like 4% of babies come on their EDD - Estimated Due Date,.

    Source(s): mum of 3 + 2 angels. Student Nurse.
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    This is crazy. Even if you are ovulating and conceive exactly nine months prior to the day you're meaning, that doesn't mean you will deliver on a specific day. The baby could be early or late. Also, you can't make sure you're having a boy, although science is coming closer to allowing parents to choose the gender of their child. To give birth and get married all on the same day is an outrageous thought, you can't know how long you will be in labor, expecially if this is your first baby (I'm the oldest and my mom was in labor with me for 36 hours, thats a day and a half). You will be exhausted from giving birth, and even if there are no complications at all, which there could be, you won't be able to be up and about in a snap. These are questions you should talk to a doctor about but I personally think this is crazy talk.

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    I'm not trying to be the bearer of bad news, but there isn't a way to do all of this. At the most you *may* be able to have the gender of your child pre-determined and you *may* be able to pick the date by having an elective c-section. The prices of these are going to be high and will vary.

    Also, you will be very tired and won't have a lot of energy for a reception. You have a very interesting idea, and if everything could come together like that, it would be beautiful.

    I know this isn't what you want to hear. The following sounds a little like voodoo, but just have fun with it. It probably won't give you what you're looking for, but it can't hurt to try.

    Make a doll out of leather. Fill it with amethyst, clear quartz crystal, chrysoprase and aventurine stones. Place it under your bed when you're trying to conceive.

    See if the the Gender Chinese Calendar method corresponds with your cycle and when you want to conceive. If not, arrange three candles in a triangle. At the top should be a yellow one (Sun), to the left a green one (Earth) and to the right a blue one (Rain). These are the symbols of the Father. Take a dried Oak Leaf and in red ink write the following: "Sow in my womb a son as tall and healthy as the mighty Oak". Place the leaf in the center of the triangle. Next, place an acorn on top of the leaf, repeating the following: "From this seed is born the Sacred Oak. From this union is born my beloved Son"

    On the month that you want to conceive, both you and your partner should take FertiAid supplements. This will increase your odds of conceiving.

    On the day you want to give birth, at 40 weeks, do lots of walking, see if a midwife will rupture your membranes and break your water, and have your partner stimulate your nipples.

    Yeah, I know - it sounds crazy. I just don't know what else to tell you. Just don't be disappointed if things don't go as planned. Hardly anything in life ever does. God has a plan for us all, and it's not always what we think is best for us. Good luck with everything!

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    Whoa!!! That's about 4000 questions in one. Unless you're planning an elective cesarean, you can't count on having your baby on a certain day. Even with an elective cesarean, the baby could come sooner, or there could be complications.

    I don't want to hurt your feelings, but it sounds to me that you're trying awfully hard to control to the smallest detail something that nature is supposed to control. Stop trying to control everything.

    Yes. Having your wedding, your baby and then your reception in 24 hours is too much. It is obvious that this is your first baby by the way you're trying to do it.

    There is no 100% way to ensure that a baby is a certain gender. Even if you went the hugely expensive route of in vitro and then only had genetically male embryos implanted, that process does not work all of the time.

    If you're ready to be a parent, you have to be ready to let some things take their own course, including the gender of your child. Trying to have a baby on the day of your wedding so that your son can be there for the festivities is not only impractical, it's just plain silly!

    Get married and enjoy married life for a while and then have your baby when you've calmed down a little. You are not ready to be a parent if you're so focused on trying to control all of this stuff!

  • its not possible, a very small amount of babies are born on the due date...there is no way to time it 100%

    u will need 10 months (40 weeks)

    and could u imagine if something went wrong with home birth were u would be going to hospital instead of having a wedding....

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