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How do you feel about Martin Luther King Jr.?

When he preached against American about being a world policeman and they shouldn't go to war to Vietnam.

If that the case, he was the early day before Jesse Jackson and other came in. Wasn't he not?

As a Christian, do you support Martin Luther King Jr. as a holiday? In several churches, they don't acknowledge Martin Luther King Jr. as a holiday for private school because of certain reason.


YouTube video of his speech

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If anybody interested in hearing what Martin Luther King Jr. have said in the past.

Update 2:

Thank you for all your opinions and concerns! Very appreciated.

However, I feel that not all man are perfect when come to agenda. In some few policy that he stated was a straw that broke the camel back. There were racist people no doubt that broke their temper point and kill him.

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    please don't besmerch the name of Dr King in comparrison with jesse jackson - that is just wrong. Dr King was from a completely different era. in some respects i believe he is turning over in his grave / shaking his head from heaven.... he fought for NO seperation - only integration. it always saddens me to here people want a "black this or that" or "Latino this or that" - people are going back to seperating themselves -- that is sad. he fought for the "white man" to see "us" as the same, however more and more "non white" people don't want to be seen as similar to anyone. i am what one would call white but most people look and once they know me they will ask if i'm greek, middle eastern, black (aka a sister) becuase they just can't tell. that's the way i like it. my grandparents (immigrants) had frineds of all genders, race, creed, etc. we were never taught to treat people differently but rather to enjoy the differences.

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    MLK is probably the greatest American of the 20th Century. He is as worthy of a holiday as any other person, event, or reason that the US has a holiday.

    And why to people above me use the oppurtunity to tear down Jesse Jackson instead of venerate Dr. King?

    Jesse is flawed and deserving of criticism (he's over criticized thanks to the O'Reillys of the world who over exagerate Jackson's flaws). But remember, this was a good friend of King's from MLK's Chicago years. Jesse was right next to King when he was gunned down by white supremacist James Earl Ray.

    Criticize Jackson - fair enough. But don't throw the baby out with the bath water because you have a personal dislike for the man.

    MLK might arguably be the greatest American of all time. he is undoubtedly in the top 10. And he was an amazing voice against the Vietnam War.

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    From what I have been told - Mr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man. I live in Memphis, where he was killed. What the people have done since his death is not what Mr. King taught. I call Memphis, the racial capital of the U.S.. Unfortunately, Mr. King died - I wish he were here to bring honor back to his people.

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    He was one of the greatest Christian leaders in our lifetime. Todays race baters are a shame to the moral quality of a man like Martin Luther King, Jr. If he's not one of your heroes he should be.

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    Jesse Jackson is a complete and utter moron who plays the race card anytime he can. He only ever publically speaks about something when he can get his face on TV some more.

    MLK taught peace and I do not think he would play the race card anytime any issue came up.

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    A true, honourable guy! Im not black, but boy do I wish we had people like that to defend our culture. I wish he was still alive, so he could show some rascist people a thing or two!

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    I believe that God spoke love through MLK. While most people think of him as a political person I believe he was a religious figure doing God's work in His name.

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    I agree with Diogenes, Gladiator, and Messein.....

    Jesse Jackson is not half the man that MLK was.

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    He was a good man. Honorable.

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    I've never had off for MLK Jr. day, and if I did I'd go into work anyway.

    He doesn't deserve his own holiday.

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