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Did you see the clip on the today show about where pet smart gets their small animals from. What's your ideas.

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    A pet store where I live at only sales animals that they get them from local breeders and not from mills. Most of the dogs even have AKC papers and those that don't are rescues. Animal Rights groups like PETA and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) tend to take one circumstance and applie them to EVERYBODY.

    PETA and the HSUS are not what they claim to be. They believe in total animal liberation which means that they think that there should be no circuses, zoos (even AZA), laboratories (even medical), farms, service dogs, police dogs, and PETS of any kind. They believe that animals are better off DEAD then living with even the best pet owner.

    The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) collected millions of dollars from individuals to save the animals during Katrina. They did not use the money to do that though. They are currently under investigation for it. What most people do not realize about HSUS is that they are not your local animal shelter. None of the money that they raise goes to the local animal shelter. It has also been provened that PETA uses its money to kill animals and support terrorist groups like the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) who has a tendency to blow up buildings to get their point across.

    I am not saying that you shouldn't neuter/spay your pet, I am just saying that the choose should be up to the owner and not animal rights extremists. Groups like these are mislabeling breeders and passing mandatory spay/neutered laws as part of their total animal liberation plan.

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    Precisely why I never buy form a pet shop.

    I'd rather rescue a small fuzzy from the animal shelter.

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    I didnt see the show..

    but anyone who thinks pet store animals come from good places is kidding themself..

    pet stores are in the business of making profit.. they buy cheap and sell high.. in order to buy cheap - OBVIOUSLY the pets are raised cheap!!

    its kinda a no brainer..

    the places where bigger animals come from are just as bad.

    NO reputable breeder would EVER sell to a pet store, nor would they have to hide anonymously and use a store to sell their animals..

    When you buy animals from these pet stores you are REWARDING them for doing this.. and supporting them to continue

    always buy from breeders or adopt from animal shelters..

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    I like others did not see it, so why have you not put a link with this message?

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    can you post the link to it?

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    not surprised!

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