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have you ever made bracioli?

i think that's how it's spelled. anyway, it's an italian dish made with steak and tomatoes. has anyone ever made this and if so, what cut of meat did you use? also, how is it pronouced? bragole?

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    Braciole. Yes. My grandmother used to make it all the time and then I began to make it as well . You can use any kind of thin meat filet (beef, pork or chicken) .. You have to pound the filet until it is thin (place it between wax paper or plastic wrap and pound on it ). Make a seasoned breadcrumb stuffing and spread it on the filet, roll the filet and tie it with string so it stays rolled up. Then cook it in tomato sauce until it is very tender (stewed). We pronounced as bra-zhee-ol. The z is like a cross between a z, g, and sh and the o is a "long" o as in "old"

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    It's pronounced brra-shole-ay

    It's spelled braciole.

    Here's the link for Giada De Laurentiis' recipe, which is very good. When I make it though, I use chopped pine nuts instead of breadcrumbs.


    Source(s): I'm Italian.
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    i use beef! & i stuff alll kinds of veg in it!it is delicious! it can also be called beef olives!that is how we find it in menus!

    the pronounciation of the word has been explained perfect up here!!!!!

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    i never made it but i know it's spelled-briciole

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